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don't take your eyes off that TV.
You keep watching that tube
until we put this guy in custody.
- I'll be in constant contact.
- Good.
Come on, Tommy, Unlock the door,
- Everything's looking good.
- Follow spots are in place.
Let's get that smoke ball out here.
- Emma Hollis.
- Agent Hollis? What do I look for?
A new movie just came on,
A man in a human skin mask
wielding a chain saw.
171 stitches.
You saved my life, man. Thanks.
So, the final scene.
You know what happens?
- No, but you're gonna tell me.
- Right. KISS is playing.
And I'm you. And the maniac is here, right?
And I almost get him, and then...
he hangs himself.
Just like in the real story.
It's practically a documentary.
- Break a leg.
- Thanks, man.
Let's go. Time is money.
First team, ready? Sound, ready?
- Ready!
- All right. Standing by.
- Move that crane back.
- Crane is moving.
We're ready to roll, people.
And playback. And... action!
Magic. Fantastic.
All right, let's set up for the next shot,
people. Quickly.
- Get me down. I feel like a sack of potatoes.
- Get him down.
Agent Hollis?
No human skin mask, no chain saw.
It's all typical slasher fare so far,
except for The Omen,
- What could he copy?
- So far, a decapitation by glass
and a suicidal hanging
at a children's birthday party.
I'll keep my eyes open.
And playback.
- Agent Hollis?
- No, Sheriff Neuenschwander,
Coroner's completed the autopsy,
- Emma Hollis.
- I just spoke with the sheriff, Hugo did do it,
Human metacarpal fragments
were recovered from his digestive tract.
Thank God.
It's kinda crazy, isn't it, that such a grisly
discovery would be a relief? Don't you think?
Yeah, Yeah, sometimes it is,
- Take the evening off. You've earned it.
- Thanks. I will.
- I talked to him two minutes ago.
- I don't think so, pal.
It's like we're in a movie.
The leading lady dies last. Where's Ramona?
- She's over there. She's fine.
- Agent Hollis.
- Coming.
- It's Frank Black.
Hugo's not our killer.
The autopsy results were faked.
- Come on in.
- Trick or treat.
What, no treat?
Hey. Why don't you come
on out, honeybunch? Sheriff Fritz'll save you.
I can be anyone you want me to be.
If you don't like him, try me.
You know I wouldn't hurt you.
I see what the killer sees.
Because I'm the killer.
And the cop, and the butcher,
and the baker, and the candlestick maker.
Agent Hollis.
Mr Black, watch out.
Mr Black?
- Drop your gun.
- Drop your gun.
Wanted to be like you, Frank.
I wanted to see what the killer sees.
People die so you can play a part.
No. Not all of them.
Just the first couple of victims.
But by killing them
I learned something important.
I really like killing people.
And now I know what you know.
You know, pain means nothing to me.
The autopsy proved
Marc Bianco acted alone,
Why, then, did the crime scenes
suggest there were two offenders?
Even during the commission of
a heinous crime, he was in character.
It was Bianco's uncanny ability
to completely immerse himself in a role.
A talent never seen before or since.
Some of the crime scene
reflected his personality,
and some, the character he was playing.
Either he was the greatest actor the world had
ever known, or he was completely deranged.
If you want a good movie for
Halloween night, rent Madman Maniac,
Judge for yourself.
I give it two thumbs up.
Two severed thumbs.
I made this!Stop!
- You're way off!
- What's up?
This is already at grade.
We're just waiting for gravel.
Honey, don't forget your lunch pail.
That's great.
Shut up, pigface, or I'll tell.
Go ahead and tell.
You'll still be fat and ugly.
You'll still be a big stupidhead.
Big stupidhead.
Take it back.
I mean it. You're not my friend.
12 years as sheriff,
I never had a single unidentified body.
They put this new highway through
and suddenly we're rolling in 'em.
Can't say I ever had a


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