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- First floor's quiet.
- Copy.
So, what kind of movies do you like,
Mr Black?
- Detective movies.
- Oh, "The Enforcer" is my favourite...
- Mr Black, there's someone on the roof.
- I'm on my way,
Agent Hollis?
At this point in the investigation,
I began to ask myself why.
Why had four people been killed?
They died making a Hollywood movie,
a movie based on a real case
I investigated 13 years earlier.
They took enormous liberties
with the truth, and with my life,
in the name of entertainment,
Needless to say, I'm not a critic,
I was there to solve the crime,
We are all gonna miss Sarah Cryer, our...
publicist. I mean, she was a can-do gal.
She knew when to leak, when to spin,
when to just plain-out lie.
Then... Well, let's not talk about
her frankly disgusting murder.
What do you think this is, a movie?
Four people are dead. Four.
The killer is in this room.
I know you're here.
And I'm gonna bring you to justice
even if it drives me insane,
for the third time in my life.
Are you OK?
I just came from the coroner's.
Death resulted from massive blood loss.
The weapon appears...
A large butcher knife. Halloween,
Exactly. The corpse
was posthumously dissected with...
A machete. Friday the 13th,
And there's no useful forensic evidence.
There's no fingerprints, no assailant's DNA.
This guy is a genius.
He's ahead of us on every move.
Uh, ladies and gentlemen,
the murder's been solved.
- What?
- Filming will continue!
I'm Hector Leachman. I did it.
This is not your man.
I've seen this guy before.
He was one of the extras.
You said it was one of ours.
Hector, what kind of gun did you use
in the bowling alley murders?
- You do not have to answer...
- Hey.
It was a. 38.
It's all right here in my confessional.
No one got shot.
No one died in a bowling alley.
Um... excuse me. Uh, Mr Mayor?
We're spending a million dollars in your town,
and we brought you the murderer.
I don't know what his problem is...
The killer's still at large.
If he strikes again...
Need I remind you the FBI
is here in a support capacity?
The written confession satisfies me.
Then, uh, I guess
the filming can continue. Hm.
You're right.
There was nothing like this at the Academy.
Ted Bundy described the experience
of killing like watching himself in a movie.
Were there any horror movies on the night
Lew Carroll or Marta Danbury were killed?
Mr Black, that's it.
Psycho was on cable.
The shower murder fits perfectly.
What about when Neiderman was killed?
The Hitcher was on pay-per-view.
- Sarah Cryer died on Wednesday.
- Halloween was playing.
A corpse drops out of a door.
is Motel Hell,
A classic.
Farmer Vincent never kills quickly.
He keeps his victims half-dead
until he can make them into sausage.
Then we have a chance.
- A mark.
- Action.
This is important.
Was Bobby a big fan of KISS?
No. He liked The Ramones.
Then we can conclude
that the Madman Maniac is a KISS fan.
"We drive you wild. "
"You drive us crazy. "
They play here tomorrow.
He will be there.
Cut! Magic. Fantastic.
We lost power.
Head for the exit.
Get everyone off the set.
Get out! Go, go, go!
Oh, God, no!
Vocal cords are severed.
A quote from Motel Hell,
Call for backup.
No! Please, don't kill me. Please, don't kill me.
He's still here. He's just tried to kill me.
You're all right.
So Hugo Winston kills
the movie people and hangs himself.
I knew Hugo in 1985.
I'm not buying this transition from football
captain to voyeuristic anthropophagiac.
But we saw him.
What would convince you?
An autopsy. With some physical evidence
that he's been eating human flesh.
We'll get that later.
What if it is someone else?
Then he'll attack
the film crew with the same MO.
What's on television tonight?
It's Halloween. There are
horror-movie marathons on every channel.
- I'm going to the set.
- I'll go with you.
Turn on the television.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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