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Sound speed.
- Roll camera.
- Turning.
- Marker.
- Action.
And we cut.
Magic. Fantastic.
Where's Ruby? Ruby?
You're the producer?
No. I'm not.
OK, that's a wrap.
OK, people. Let's eat.
Sandwiches? Is this it?
- We spent the rest on your salary.
- Oh, shut up.
- I told you it was safe.
- The night's not over.
Well, we're wrapped,
so nothing happened on my set.
Oh, my God.
They killed Neiderman.
Neiderman's dead.
Our prime suspect, the producer, had become
the next victim and the crew's dinner.
At that moment,
I knew this case would pit me against horrors
that no FBI agent should ever have to endure,
and push me to the brink of insanity.
All we have is the possibility
of a dental match on the bite marks.
It's a very clean crime scene.
Which is at odds with a person
who feels compelled to bite fingers off.
- What kind of offender's that?
- Disorganised.
Schizophrenic. Not the type to get
in and out in ten minutes without being seen.
- A voyeuristic anthropophagiac.
- What's that?
One compelled to watch
others eat human flesh.
Or an avid fan of The Hitcher, The severed
fingers are a direct quote of that movie.
So how many people may have seen that?
Besides our suspect, the entire film crew.
It's their business.
And me.
I've seen quite a few horror films.
This film connection
doesn't narrow it down.
No. Any of a dozen people
could be our perpetrator.
Even though we don't know who it is,
there is a decisive way
we could stop the killing immediately.
You bastard! You'll pay
for all the kids you've killed. Argh!
Who said that?
Who said "cut" on my set?
I did.
OK, that's it. It's over.
Time to go home now, folks.
I'm notifying you this workplace is shut
down by order of the sheriff. That'd be me.
You don't like my movie,
so you pulled some strings with the heat.
I've been doing a little research,
and your guy...
Maybe he's got like a cooling-off period,
and then...
- he will kill again.
- Not now, he won't.
Hey. Hey, is it... That's it?
This is all that's gonna happen to them?
Hugo, the movie's over.
Isn't that what you wanted?
I... No, I...
This movie's
not over.
Agent Hollis.
This is a hell of an angle.
Sarah Cryer, unit publicist.
Do you mind if I say:
"This is the movie Frank Black
didn't want you to see"?
Yes, I do.
Excuse me.
Bite mark analysis was inconclusive.
He was wearing dental prostheses,
commonly used in motion pictures.
Whoever's doing this
is trying to drive me insane,
for the third time in my life.
Mr Black, remember the suspect in Seattle
who quoted Nostradamus?
- The Frenchman.
- What if, instead, he was quoting B-movies?
Wouldn't you want to study them?
He's her brother, he kills teenagers.
That's it? No twists? No mystery?
It's supposed to be scary.
The mother of a child who's drowned
suffers an extreme emotional displacement.
She adopts the hockey-mask persona
until she avenges the death of her son.
You have hockey,
you have young men, you have her son.
Where does it go from here?
A lot of people get killed?
Krueger's acting out a childhood trauma,
by targeting sexually promiscuous teens.
He's either the child
of a mentally unstable parentage,
or a rape victim. Or both.
He was the bastard son
of a thousand maniacs.
It's as if our case is in one of these movies.
They always happen on the holidays.
And Saturday is Halloween.
The victims are always some smug person
who thinks they'll never die.
- And the leading lady is always attacked last.
- Exactly.
You know, we should quietly put
some security around Ramona Tangent.
Precautions never work.
If we follow the movie model,
- if you try to protect yourself...
- Then you die.
You know, if we shut that movie down, and
the killer realises he's in a slasher movie...
Then he'll return here tonight
to attack the movie crew.
And the whole crew is in this hotel.
- Come on.
- Mr Black?
I thought you didn't carry
a gun any

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