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Olivier never met the Dane,
and I'll be damned if I'll talk to some pervert
killer about how to play this bloody part.
See, I got the part cos I'm a really good
screamer. And I do nudity for scale.
The director said he would enlarge your role,
as compensation for Marta Danbury's loss.
Isn't that the greatest?
I mean... you know...
It's terrible about the death of Marta.
I'm at the beginning of my career,
and I could really use the break.
Lucky you.
Let me ask you something, OK?
Now, do you say:
"Special Agent Frank Black, FBl",
or, "FBI. Frank Black"?
How well did you know Marta?
I'm sorry. Frank Black interrogating
a suspect. This is really cool.
OK. I bet you want to know
about my childhood, right?
Was I a bed-wetter, did I set fires,
was I cruel to animals?
It's not that kind of case yet.
No, but the 1985 case.
That was a serial killer.
It was a sexually motivated homicide.
Sexually motivated homicide.
It's good. No, I like that.
- Can we rule anyone out?
- Not from this group.
I can't discern if the attack
was solo, or from a team.
Crime scene's ambivalent.
- Some signs point to an organised offender.
- Careful entry, lack of evidence.
Yeah. But other signs
point to a disorganised offender.
Like the ritual violence of the attack
on the woman. We're being followed.
Um, hey. Wait.
Mr Black? I'm Hugo Winston.
I remember you.
The football captain, right?
- Well, 13 years ago.
- Yeah.
Then Dale Barker murdered my fiance.
Listen, they're desecrating her memory
in there, making this sleazy movie.
Revenge won't bring her back.
That's not what you're after, is it?
- Read the script.
- No.
This will change your mind
about these... bastards.
The killer in this story
follows no known behavioural profile.
Barker's final victim
was killed at a church picnic.
In this story, a band named KISS
is playing at what resembles an orgy.
I can see where that would
make a guy like Hugo snap.
- Neiderman.
- What?
- The producer, with the rings. The...
- Yeah?
He spent several nights
in Marta Danbury's room.
Suppose Marta was sleeping with Neiderman,
but then throws him over for the director.
Neiderman gets jealous, finds them
together in the hotel room, kills them both.
You know, they're shooting tonight.
We can go keep an eye on both of them.
Hey, man.
Frank Black, FBI.
That's how they say it.
- Let me ask you something.
- What?
Say you're doing a full-contact
You hit them with a phone book,
no bruising, right?
No, we don't.
You are good.
And cut!
Magic. Fantastic.
That was terrific, people.
OK, let's set up for the money shot.
- Hey.
- Dale Barker never shot anybody.
Yeah, but check this. The Madman Maniac
shoots the boyfriend, then dresses like him.
- And when Ruby takes a skinny-dip...
- He harpoons her. I read the script.
How can you label this a true story?
It is true.
It's just improved a little, that's all.
- The reality is dark and depressing...
- Yes, it is.
Frank, Frank, you know that,
and I know that.
But all the people in those towns
that you fly over on the way to New York,
they want to be entertained.
I wouldn't presume
to know your business.
But there's an abundance
of heroism and drama
in the real facts of any murder
Oh, yeah, sure there is, Frankie.
But it's complicated. The people, they're
ugly, and it's dark and rainy all the time.
Where's the magic? The magic.
I'm glad that we had this little talk.
Ruby, baby.
Time to get naked and die.
How did he get in here?
I'm sorry. You ready? Go and do your stuff.
- Who are they?
- It's the insurance guy, the co-producer,
associate producers,
every pissant functionary on the show.
- What are they doing here tonight?
- Nude scene.
- Where's Neiderman?
- He was here a minute ago.
Ah, just wait. That little horndog never misses
one of these. We're ready to roll, people.
- Roll sound.


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