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Right now, my only concern
is making sure no one else gets hurt.
If you'll help me, I'll help you.
I can't.
Joni, you could've shot
that tow truck driver, but you didn't.
You haven't killed anyone.
That's not who you are.
When they shot that man at the hotel,
you weren't even there.
Sometimes things happen.
They get out of hand,
maybe someone pressures you.
Have you ever had someone
that you'd do anything for,
cos they're your whole world
and your own life doesn't even really count?
Only your life with them.
And you're happy,
and you'll do anything they say,
cos all that matters
is being close with them.
Have you ever loved somebody like that?
Yes, I have.
See, I never did.
Hey, honey,
you're in the wrong line of work.
Get her back to her cell.
Hey! Get a lawyer in here.
You hear me? Lawyer!
Let it go, Emma.
You're right.
I don't know them.
I'll never understand.
Agent Hollis,
you're not in the wrong line of work.
Thank you. Thank you.
- That phone - does it do 911?
- Yeah. Is there an emergency?
We got another passenger to pick up.
City jail.
They want the girl on the steps,
waiting for them. What do we do?
- Cordon off the streets.
- They're back on line asking for you.
Keep 'em talking. Don't say yes or no.
Just stall. Don't give 'em anything.
- How long till state SWAT arrives?
- 30 minutes.
We've gotta stall them until then.
Come on, come on. Is anyone there?
- This is Captain Kevin Mann.
- Captain, my captain.
Turn right here, right now.
Is everyone OK?
I can't speak for the others,
but I've been better.
Cos I'm not seeing Joni outside, like I said.
Stop right up there.
How can we put an end to this?
I already told you, Kevin.
Bring Joni out, or I kill everybody on board.
All officers are back from patrol
and in position.
- How many?
- 12. Counting us, 14.
- Is anyone there?
- I'm here.
Are you deaf or stupid?
What's your damn problem?
What's going on?
He just hung up.
You'll hear from him again.
- Snipers, prepare to fire.
- No. Tell them to hold their fire.
Authorities were alerted to the threat
as the hijacked bus drove through red lights,
Again, avoid the area of the police station
at Madison and Highland,
where two armed white males
hold 11 hostages in an FRD bus,
Stay tuned for street closures
and other breaking news,
Let's put the woman on the phone.
Have her talk to him. Try and buy some time.
That won't fix it.
He's on a spree. He wants a firefight.
- He's not gonna try and blast his way in.
- Captain, we got movement,
- Tell your men to get ready.
- For what?
They're never gonna let her go.
We could kill every moron on board,
they still wouldn't let her go.
- So what do we do?
- We power in there and grab her.
I saw 'em. We can do it.
Look at us. We're unstoppable.
You and me. King of the world.
Hold fire until
they're well clear of the hostages.
- Dammit.
- You and me, man.
Who's got a bead?
Man down, Hold your fire,
Suspect down, Suspect down,
Stop the car. You hear?
Back up.
Come on. Move it, move it!
- Let's go.
- Check underneath the vehicles.
Well, well.
Looks like fate brought us together,
didn't it, Miss FBI?
You missed all the excitement, but maybe
we can figure out something for the two of us.
I want double cars on these bridges.
I don't want anyone missing
the Interstate.
- Yeah.
- Pull over,
Keep away from me,
- He's with Hollis. Get me a car.
- I'm trying, but it is very hard,
All fun and games, huh?
You'll wind up dead.
They gave it their best shot. Pull over.
Triangulate this call. I need a chopper
over there and an EMT crew, now.
Yes, sir.
Pull over.
Are you scared, Emma?
That's smart not to lie.
People are dead.
I don't have time for your games.
Pull over.
But first, tell me why.
You tell me.
What if there is no "why", Mel?
What if you can never know?
What if there is no "why"?
I made this!Oh, it's you.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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