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three years special forces.
His stepfather did manage
a supermarket for a while.
- Priors?
- None.
Which is meaningful. Suggesting
a release of over-controlled anger.
We wanna describe men like this with words
that make us feel we can know them.
If we know them, we can find them.
20 years ago, you watched a man
named Michael Wynter kill your sister.
Two decades later, you still wonder
could it have been different?
Could she still be alive today?
Why did it happen?
You request cases like this
on that anniversary.
Hoping for answers.
But no amount of detective work
can close your sister's murder.
Or tell you why.
That all ended the day
that Michael Wynter killed himself.
I don't need you to profile me.
Or to tell me what I hope for.
You want reasons.
You wanna make sense of this case,
hoping that there is sense to be made
of what happened to your sister.
- You're looking for logic that isn't here.
- So are you.
Take yourself off this case.
I've been there. Walk away.
If you want to apply your
psychiatric talents,
do it to psychos, like Rick Van Horn.
I don't need your help.
No, man, no. Bungee jumping is not hardcore.
Now it's rope free fall, with climbing rope.
- 60 to zero,.3 seconds.
- That's wild.
It's freedom. And once you accept
that facing falling means facing death,
you can climb up, jump off anything.
Control the conditions
that make you afraid, you're free, man.
So you're really hardcore, huh, Kyle?
Three grand in your pocket
if you shoot this apple of my head.
Yeah, right.
- No way.
- Three grand.
Take a slow, deep breath, then fire.
- Man, are you OK?
- That felt great, didn't it?
The power, the control.
Life and death in your hands. You're God.
- Double or nothing.
- No, man. I'm done.
- No, I meant it's your turn.
- No, thanks, man.
You run, I'll blow your stomach open.
Against the tree.
Apple on head, kid.
I don't wanna do this, man.
You scared, Kyle?
- Yes.
- Now, that's exactly the wrong attitude.
"Control the conditions that make you afraid
and you're free. " That's what you said, right?
Face death, you're free.
You're free.
Kyle Riley. Died around midnight last night.
We found his mountain bike over there.
Now, we assume he transported it,
but we haven't found the car.
It's probably been stolen.
You say you know who did this?
Anybody have a tape measure?
Gimme a tape measure.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- How tall was Kyle Riley?
- Just under six feet.
- I'm not sure I know what you're doing.
- Agent Hollis.
What happened here?
I think they were playing
some sort of game.
One miss, one hit.
One guess who was behind
the trigger.
Van Horn is an expert shot.
He's a military sniper.
First shot wasn't at the victim.
William Tell, but with two players.
- First up was Van Horn.
- I think you're right.
He stood here, excited, like we saw
on the video tape from the supermarket.
Shoot, be shot. Random, wild.
All to impress the girl.
She's nothing to him. Nobody is.
No. That's why they follow him.
That's his power.
And his power is their disease.
- We're on TV. We're everywhere.
- I think you should calm down.
Peter went for ice cream.
Go find him. I'll get the truck.
What are you doing? Leave my car.
Tell it to impound.
Lower the damn car. Now.
- Now!
- OK, OK.
Drop the gun, lady. Drop it.
Take it easy, take it easy.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We got nothing. It'll never work.
All right.
Let's get those off.
- That should make it easier to talk.
- I've nothing to say.
There's a problem with that, Joni.
You're the one with the record.
Not Rick. Not Peter.
You've done time twice.
That makes this three strikes for you.
Just shoplifting and a little dope.
I'm not saying the law's fair,
but they'll come after a repeat offender
harder than they'll
come after Rick. That's a fact.
She's lucky you guys are handling this.
My response would be
go one-on-one with them.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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