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Whoever it is,
I wanna make sure he doesn't do it again.
What about the neighbours?
Mr Larkin? Special Agent Hollis, FBI.
May we come in?
Would you mind turning this down?
...FBI's interested.
It's her. She asked for this case.
Where's your roommate?
What's her name?
I'm having trouble reading it here.
You know, truth is, I forget her name.
Two men were checked in here.
Can you help us out?
These two guys say they got three more days
paid in advance, do I want their key?
And you did.
- Right around a. 38.
- What's it doing in here?
I believe we're looking for
two suspects, not one.
Montana's cool.
We could become cattle ranchers.
Too many crazies.
Now, there's a thought.
Imagine how different
a day in the park would be
if you knew
you were being watched by a 30-06.
Yes, sir. I want me some of that.
You're working hard.
Hotel shooting. A baker.
- How's it going?
- Fine.
I have two suspects.
Courtesy of a local derelict.
Fortified wine isn't exactly brain food.
Two shots were fired.
One, apparently at the perpetrator,
stopped by
a Spectra Shield A350 assault vest.
What else?
The killer was armoured.
The blade work was highly evolved.
We're looking here
at an extremely organised night stalker.
And he's probably out there now,
preparing his next attack.
- What do you think?
- I'd like to see the crime scene, if that's OK.
Drinking alone ain't good for ya.
Who says I'm alone?
- We've got the next round.
- I'm not interested.
Leave her alone.
- You want some?
- You want some?
You're two hours late.
Any prints?
There were hundreds of odd latents. Probably
been years since this place was cleaned last.
Our transient contaminated
anything useful.
I know - it's natural.
I found this slug right here.
Right in the open?
Yeah. I guess they didn't think
anyone would find it.
Maybe they didn't care.
What do you mean?
What do you mean, "they didn't care"?
These two men use a stolen credit card
to pay for the room.
They gave their key
to an indigent after the event.
That's very risky.
I'd even call it cavalier.
They'd be aware of the consequences.
Killing is a human impulse unchecked.
There are killers who obey that impulse
as naturally and as casually
as any human act.
But there's gotta be a reason.
An outlaw named John Wesley Hardin
once killed a man for snoring.
There'd be a stressor.
Some kind of compelling factor.
There's gotta be, there always is.
You won't solve this case
looking for a reason, Agent Hollis.
Everyone has a reason.
What's yours?
Honey, let's go shoppin'.
This one's the leader.
He's directing the whole show from here.
- Here?
- You're talking to the others.
I've got a clear line...
on all three casualties.
But I'm completely exposed.
The shopper's down.
Not from your shot, though.
The other man brought her down.
- What am I doing?
- Standing there.
With an off-duty cop 20 feet away.
What is this guy doing?
He can'tjust be standing here talking.
There, he shoots.
No, he just took a hit. There, again.
Square in the chest.
There, he shoots the cop.
What's he doing now?
Eating candy.
We'll have a name, that's all.
These guys are on a high, moving fast.
Looking for their next high.
I'm notifying area supermarkets.
It won't be a supermarket.
It'll be random. It won't make any sense.
Thank you.
I'm notifying area supermarkets.
Agent Hollis.
- You requested this case.
- Yes, I did.
That's the question, isn't it?
Same one I'm asking you.
Hey, neighbour.
- Dead end?
- Yeah. You're not kidding.
I think the trail you're after's up there.
Hey, you want anything?
Food? Water? We got plenty.
No, thanks. I'll be OK.
You wanna get high?
I knew I'd find you here.
I've been running prints
off the candy wrapper.
- And?
- I got a name.
Rick Van Horn. Average IQ.
High school education. Nothing past that.
Eight years military

- Daenseo-ui sunjeong
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