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cars! I need more guns!
- Carlton!
- Put the gun down, Gary!
Get down, Carlton! Get away!
- Move, Carlton!
- Put the gun down so nobody gets hurt.
- Did you bring him out here, Carlton?
- He's not part of this. He's just afraid.
You brought the FBI out here, didn't you?
Put the gun down, Gary.
This is not a war. There's no enemies here.
Put the gun down. Show your son
that he's got nothing to be afraid of.
Show him that you won't do to him
what Brant Carmody's father did.
- Gary?
- I'm here.
It's OK.
Everything's gonna be OK.
Is it true, Chris?
Did you do what they say?
Did you?
How could you do it?
How could you kill our son? Answer me!
Answer me!
Answer me!
Answer me!
Answer me!
My son was a killer.
I know that doesn'tjustify what I did, but
I did it to save my wife. And my little girls.
They would've stayed behind
if Brant was in jail, see.
You don't... you don't believe this, huh?
You still don't believe it. It's gonna happen!
You can't stop it! All the chips,
all the power grids are gonna fail!
I worked on those chips. I built them.
We can't fix the problem fast enough.
There'll be no banks. There'll be no police.
Airports will fail, and telephones.
You won't be able to get food
or gas or fresh water.
How long before people
take to the streets with guns?
How long is it gonna be
before people turn into animals?
Is that what it takes to save the world?
Killing your own flesh and blood?
Saving the strong and letting
the weak die?
- What alternative did I have?
- Let's go.
- Yes.
- Mr Black?
- Yeah.
- It's Emma. I wanna say thank you.
I don't know for what, exactly.
I've got to fill out all this paperwork
and I've never done it before.
For discharging my weapon.
They make you account for every shell.
- I was hoping I could look at your report,
- I didn't fire my weapon, Agent Hollis.
I wasn't even carrying it.
- You were relying on me?
- I was relying on my experience.
And you.
You did an excellentjob, Agent Hollis.
Do you think what he said was true?
About the breakdown of society
at the millennium?
I think the only way we're gonna survive is by
our humanity. If we lose that, there's nothing.
Good night, Agent Hollis.
It is prophesied that when
the end comes, it will come in darkness,
A catastrophe all foresaw,
but few believed,
Most of us will battle
too late against the chaos,
But not the few, the radical few,
who obey no disciplines,
Unencumbered by conscience,
they prepare ruthlessly,
pursuing their own preservation,
If they survive, the rest of us perish,
None will weep for the civilised,
the principled,
None but God himself,
I made this!I spend my days looking for reasons.
The reasons people do what they do.
It's my job.
it's my way.
I wanna know why.
Why it's like this.
Why good people die.
- Horn, what's up?
- That.
You OK?
- Just a little tired.
- You sure?
Thanks for asking, though.
Hey, who are you?
Silence is golden.
Manager heard two shots just after midnight.
One round passed through the victim,
leaving a very nasty exit wound.
The victim got off a shot
with a. 38 we found next to the bed.
We were still looking for the slug
when we got word you were on the way.
Some reason the FBI's interested in the death
of an unemployed baker from Miami?
- The guys are just wondering.
- One mystery at a time, Detective.
Is that his ID?
Name's Daryl Norcott.
Has two daughters in Newark.
According to them, he was en route for a visit.
Stopped off at the Lincoln Memorial.
Armed with a. 38.
Hotel like this, it's not unusual.
Somebody pulled a John Wayne Bobbit.
It's not an uncommon mutilation.
Well, that's comforting.
ME says it looks like a big, sharp knife.
A hunting knife.
One clean slice, no tearing. We were thinking
Mob, maybe? Bolivian necktie sorta thing.
If it was ritualistic,
they'd have left it here.
Maybe he stiffed some chippy.

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