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I wanna know why a kid who's so upset gets
ready for bed like that before he offs himself.
And that's what you're basing this on?
I'm not gonna need a lawyer. You are.
What'd you find?
Frank Black.
We'd better talk right now.
What's going on?
- Who's Skylark?
- We don't know.
Well, he, she or whoever it is sent
this email to the victim. Did you read this?
It's a death threat.
It swears revenge for killing Tammy Meador.
- When was this sent?
- A half-hour before the time of death.
How does that work?
- His dad sends his own kid a death threat?
- No. Skylark or someone else.
- So what are we saying?
- The father didn't kill his kid.
Somebody else did.
Looks like you got a real mess
to clean up here.
Get to the Internet service provider
and find out who Skylark is.
Do it quickly and quietly,
because as soon as they know that we know,
Skylark's life's gonna be in danger.
- What's going on?
- I just got a call from the FBI.
About Gary King's kid.
They're looking for
your son Carlton, Gary. Why?
- I don't know why.
- They say he has some online name. Skylark.
And that he made a death threat
to Brant Carmody.
- You told him, didn't you? About our plans.
- He figured it out! These kids are scared!
You think they're scared now?
Wait till it all hits the fan!
We have an APB out on Carlton King. I got
roadblocks going up, but he's gone, Frank.
We're doing a background check.
Look at these card transactions.
Last year his family spent several
hundred thousand dollars on things like
gas generators, solar panelling,
barbed wire,
nonperishable food items.
The list goes on,
including an arms purchase
from that same wholesaler in Montana
of four M-16 assault rifles.
Gary King, his father,
is also on a deed of trust
with the 11 executives
who run ComLogic,
in the purchase of 14,000 acres of
high desert land in eastern Washington State.
Strange tastes for a man who's
made his fortune in high technology.
- What are they preparing for?
- The failure of technology in 2000.
When computer chips
designed to only recognise two digits
think that we've made
a leap backwards 100 years.
That's not gonna happen.
- Is that gonna happen?
- They believe it will.
You have to pick up this Gary King.
And everybody whose name
appears on this deed of trust.
I'm all over it.
There's nothing illegal here.
What are you gonna arrest these men for?
I just don't buy it
that Skylark, Carlton King,
he snuck into that house
and killed his classmate.
- You still think it was the father?
- Yeah.
Back up! Go inside!
Back up! Go inside!
- Don't, Hollis!
- I'll shoot you!
You're not gonna shoot anybody, Carlton.
That's what you're saying, isn't it?
You're saying I killed Brant!
- We found your letter.
- I would've killed him. He killed Tammy.
You don't want to hurt anyone. That's why
you gave Tammy that book. To warn her.
What you're doing is very serious. If you're
innocent, you don't wanna make this mistake.
What difference does it make?
It's what's gonna happen anyway, isn't it?
Won't be any police.
My dad says it's gonna be
every man for himself.
Why did you come here, Carlton?
Cos I'm afraid they're gonna do
the same thing to me they did to Brant.
Nobody's gonna hurt you, Carlton.
You've got to let us help you.
Do you know
who these cars belong to, Carlton?
This is where we keep all the stuff
we're gonna use to survive.
You ready?
I want you to stay in the car, OK? If anything
happens, I want you to go and get help.
- We should call for backup.
- They have a lot of fire power.
- It could turn into a standoff in seconds.
- What are you gonna do?
I don't know. But I think we should wait
until they come outside and get in their cars.
But we can't let 'em leave.
Get down.
FBI! Drop your weapon!
Frank? Are you OK?
Gary? Gary?
Frank! He's going around the truck.
- Gary?
- They're under the
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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