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You were out there.
You want to go back and follow up.
Go pack. I'll let Andy McClaren know
that I'm requesting someone to assist me.
I guess the problem's fixed now.
How do you mean "fixed", Chris?
The FBI's closing their investigation.
We won't be answering any more questions.
You told him, didn't you, Chris?
You told your son about what we're doing.
I had to.
I had to. Stacey insisted.
That's why he went crazy! You can't tell a kid
everything will be taken away from him
and expect him to deal with it.
Nothing's "fixed", Chris.
I just got a call from Geibelhouse, saying two
FBI agents are coming to ask more questions.
- I don't know what you think I can tell you.
- You and Brant Carmody were dating.
He was your boyfriend, we were told.
Yeah, he was.
We went out for about three years.
But we broke up at the beginning of this year.
Why is that?
Excuse me. Go ahead.
Why did you break up, Kathy?
Brant... I don't know.
He just kinda changed.
He became a different person.
- What do you mean?
- He became really negative.
He quit football.
He quit school, basically.
He was here, but not really.
- He was, like, numb.
- Like depressed?
He would talk about
the end of the world.
And he would get really scary.
- What do you mean, "the end of the world"?
- Like everything collapsing.
Banks and governments
and order and society.
And he would totally believe it.
Do you think he shot those kids?
I think everyone thinks he did.
What do you think?
But I don't understand
why he would kill himself.
That wasn't like Brant.
He was angry at everyone else.
Why would he kill himself?
Kathy, do you know who Skylark is?
We found him here on the floor
in his pyjamas.
- Was this bed made or unmade?
- The bed was unmade.
- I'm assuming they have full-time help.
- Yeah.
Is this the only access to this room?
And you are certain no one else,
other than the father,
was in this area of the house
at the time of death?
To be honest, no one really checked.
And there were about five of us here, too.
I think that Brant Carmody
did, in fact, kill those kids.
I think that his rage
was driven by his absolute conviction
that the end of the world was coming.
And that nothing,
not even the taking of his
classmates' lives,
mattered any more.
But his death... was not a suicide.
He was murdered, wasn't he?
- What are you doing here?
- Talking to that programmer.
He says you guys worked out the problem
with the chips. You guys fixed everything.
It's too late.
No matter what anyone tells you.
We shouldn't be talking about this.
- Especially after what happened at school.
- Brant was telling everybody what'd happen.
You're not gonna do that.
You're gonna be strong and keep this a secret.
Why? That's what I wanna know. Why?
Because that's the only way
we're gonna survive.
If everyone knows,
none of us is gonna make it.
Agent Baldwin, we just have one question.
What is the FBI's involvement in this case?
Agent Baldwin, just this one question.
Keep them outta here.
- How long we got to wait for this lawyer?
- You people are out of control.
You couldn't find the person who shot those
kids at the high school, so you blame my son.
Now you want to blame my husband.
You just need someone to blame!
- That's enough.
- That's what you're good at!
You can't stop the violence, so you have
to make it look like you're doing something.
Stacey, that's enough.
- Did Brant talk about the end of the world?
- The end of the world?
About the breakdown of society.
About futility.
I don't know. He was a kid.
He had problems.
- You got kids?
- I got kids. And they get angry at me,
- but I don't blow their heads off.
- I did not kill my son!
That's interesting, cos we checked out
a few things that don't quite make sense.
Pathologist said Brant had toothpaste in his
mouth from brushing his teeth before bed.
And when we found him dead
he was already in his
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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