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and both, upon being recovered,
not only had been recently fired,
but had Brant Carmody's
fingerprints on them.
As Brant fits a certain profile as a youth
offender with a history of violent behaviour,
it was my deduction and that of those who
accompanied me to Redland High School
that he fired this weapon, that he acted alone,
and that his motives, although uncertain,
can be attributed to what his counsellors say
was a strong tendency to act out his rage.
We've wrapped up our investigation.
We've handed over our findings
to the Seattle PD,
who will now handle this matter
for the community of Redland,
and we would like, without further questions,
to consider this unfortunate matter closed.
All right, good.
Unless somebody has something,
I'd like to move on.
Why do you assume it was suicide?
Uh... two reasons.
The angle of entry on the wound, and his
fingerprints were all over the trigger lock,
which had to be removed
before the weapon could be discharged.
That's a very weak deduction.
I'm not saying you're wrong.
I think that the assumption
you make about the second shooting
is the basis for your assumption
about the first shooting.
Did anyone test the parents
for powder burns?
We didn't test the mother, because
we were talking to her on her doorstep
when the gun went off.
And no, we didn't check the father.
Was that something that you overlooked?
Or was that a decision you made?
- A decision based on the circumstances.
- Where were the trigger locks found?
Mr Carmody handed them over to us,
with several other handguns
he asked us to remove from the house.
So his fingerprints were on those as well.
Well, of course they were.
OK, let's table this for now
and move on to the next order of business.
I wasn't trying to humiliate him. It's that
lax kind of police work we see all too often.
I have spoken to Baldwin. I am reassured
he made the right decisions out there.
- What are you afraid of?
- We weren't out there.
- You're just pressuring me!
- What is there about this case?
You want the FBI to question this man
with the kind of evidence we've got?
I send Baldwin back out there, I am going
to be the point man in a tabloid media circus.
- Send me.
- I am not going to be strong-armed like this.
I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. I'm going
out there. And if you say no, I understand.
I'll turn in my credentials
and go home for good.
Because I'm not used to seeing you or myself
sitting on our hands in any kind of meeting.
I'll get it!
- Jordan?
- There's somebody here for you.
What'd I tell you about answering the door
without finding out who's there?
Hi. I'm sorry.
I told her I work with you.
It's OK. Come in.
What did I teach you about this?
Not to answer the door because
people aren't always who they say they are.
- I'm sorry. How can I help?
- I'm sorry. I should've called.
I drove around the block three times -
no, more like five times -
before I decided to ring the bell.
- So you weren'tjust in the neighbourhood.
- You're going there, aren't you? To Redland.
If you are,
there's something I need to show you.
Something Agent Baldwin left out of
his report. I found this at the crime scene.
I've interviewed every kid.
No one wants to claim it.
But there's an inscription in it to one of
the cheerleaders who died, Tammy Meador.
- Why don't you go up and finish packing?
- OK.
Is she going with you on your trip, Daddy?
No, honey. Go get ready.
"Skylark. "
- I assume that's not the accused's writing.
- No, it's not. I checked that.
It's a book of prayers from the Dark Ages,
which I thought was weird.
Itjust doesn't seem like something
you'd find in a high school gym.
"The days are numbered,
history counting backwards
as we count forward to a new dark age.
Though not all will survive,
I would rather die
than live knowing I didn't try to save you. "
It's a warning. It means
someone out there knows about this.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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