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black tape.
If that's OK with you.
The shooter was under the bleachers.
He got off 15 shots, fired in rapid succession
from a semiautomatic weapon.
- Have you recovered it?
- Under the bleachers.
We're running prints and registration. I don't
know why I'm answering your questions.
I called the FBI and specifically asked
for Frank Black to come out here.
So how come Frank Black's not out here?
We've got interviews to conduct.
You know the drill. Quick but thorough.
Let's try to get this done before anybody
starts asking about feeding these kids.
"Skylark. "
30 seconds, here we go,
To the 21st century.
Or not.
One way or another,
we're about to see the future.
Five seconds.
Four, three,
two, one.
- Not again.
- Oh, God. There goes the grid.
Air treatment system is out.
We should be going to backup power.
- Where is it?
- It's disappeared. Gone.
- It can't be.
- It's gone. It's just gone.
- I don't believe this.
- Well, better start believing it.
Cos it's only the beginning.
The end of the world as we know it.
I need to talk to you.
He didn't do it.
He swears to me up and down he didn't do it.
- He says Brant did it.
- Just a damn minute.
- Have you even asked your kid?
- I just found out about it.
Right now, we don't know who did it.
Neither do the police.
They're talking to the kids now.
They've got the FBI on this.
- They find a weapon?
- Did they get a registration?
If it's one of our kids,
that could lead back to us!
That's the big bugaboo here, isn't it?
If they figure out who shot those kids,
the rest of it is gonna come out for sure,
and I don't think any of us wants to explain
to our stockholders, or to corporate America,
what the hell we're up to.
Let's just hope to God
it's not one of our kids.
That's a nice tight pattern. I'm gonna make
you come out hunting with us this season.
I'm only gonna do this cos it's mandatory.
You know me, Frank. I'm always looking
for ways to get you out of your own head.
I got a call from an old friend of yours from
Washington State. Detective Geibelhouse.
He was first on the scene
at this high school shooting.
- He asked for you.
- What did you tell him?
It's too soon. I didn't want you out there,
especially since it'd be like going home.
You're gonna have to let me
make my own way.
When I really need you, Frank,
then I'll consider it.
Anyway, sad as it is,
this is just kids and guns.
"Just kids and guns"?
One step at a time.
I talked to about 50 kids. They honestly
seem without a clue who did this.
Somebody saw something.
I feel like we're not getting
something here.
I did get one red flag.
A kid named Brant Carmody.
He was very noncommunicative
in a kind of belligerent way.
I asked an administrator.
She said he's a tough kid.
Football star who quit the team and gave up
two or three big athletic scholarships.
- He's also got ajuvenile record here.
- What were the charges?
Assault and battery twice. Apparently
he comes from a very wealthy family. Very.
His father's some Fortune 500
computer executive.
Let's go find him.
- Before he washes off the powder residue.
- I'm just saying it's a red flag.
Right now, that's about
the only flag we've got.
- Stacey Carmody?
- Yes.
- We'd like to talk to your son Brant.
- Why?
It's OK. We spoke to him earlier.
We just have a few follow-up questions.
How many people does it take?
I don't have to let you in, do I?
Becker, kitchen!
Hollis, upstairs! Wallace, follow me!
Call 911.
My son just shot himself.
Oh, God.
The gun on the left is a 9mm Smith & Wesson
handgun with a 15-round magazine.
It's the gun used by Brant Carmody
in his own suicide.
It's registered to his father, purchased
through a dealer in Missoula, Montana.
It is identical to the gun on the right,
purchased through the same dealer
and also registered to Brant's father.
Both were purchased for home defence.
They were both locked in a cabinet,
had trigger locks,

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