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Anna and Micke, best of luck!
Micke, play. Play, Micke.
Everyone was so kind.
Even though I didn't know them.
I didn't know a single one.
But they were kind all the same.
So nice...
They wanted things to be good for us,
me and Micke.
It was so nice.
So very nice.
Listen up!
We'll take last orders now.
Last orders!
The day before yesterday I dreamt
I could fly.
I lay myself turned to the wind,
like this.
And I flew high, high up.
Up there I waved down to mom and dad.
They waved back.
They were so happy.
And so was I.
It was lovely.
Oh dear.
- What?
- Oh dear, I said.
Yes, yes.

You play so well, Micke.
So very well.
And you're a fantastic singer...
So good.
So very good.
I love you so much, Micke...
So much.
So very much.
Can you come and taste the gravy?


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