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Ты, живущий

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of that.
You bloody...
Take it easy.
I'll fix it for free.
Hello, Jan Molin.
- Hello.
- Tobias Ek.
- Jan Molin.
- Hello, Patrik.
- Hello, Jan Molin.
- Hello.
- Hello, Jan Molin.
- Hello, Kristina.
- Hello, Jan Molin.
- Hello, Sten Welander.
- Jan!
- Hello, Goran.
Haven't seen you for ages!
- Must be eight or nine years.
- Yes.
Last time I was at Atlas Copco.
You had more hair in those days.
- Jesus, time flies.
- It really does.
- Your boys, they must be...?
- No. More like this, I think.
Right. Not everyone is here yet,
but we might as well sit down.
Good to see you.
Excuse me for being late.
Hello. Lars Melander.
Head of Production.
Anders Lundell, Director of Finance.
We can shake hands later.
Well, my friends.
We are gathered here today
to discuss a problem
that we in fact share with
many other companies.
Both here and abroad.
Which doesn't make things easier.
In short...
Things are going well for the company.
Profits are decent,
but the value of our
shares is too low.
That is the view of many of our
owners as well as the board.
So apart from the management,
we have asked you here today.
Jan Molin, I've known for years.
Together with Sven and the others
in management,
I have looked through your offer
and suggestions very carefully.
- I think it looks good.
- Thank you Goran, that's nice to hear.
Tobias Ek, Sten Welander and
Jan-Olof Abrahamsson...
...have also submitted proposals for
improvement that deserve consideration.
If I may speak plainly,
the board has expressed
its serious displeasure
with the current situation.
I can't lift my arm.
I can't lift my arm.
I can't...
Goran, Goran!
He's breathing.
Goran, are you alright?
This looks serious.
Get an ambulance.
Call an ambulance.

< of the sunblessed beaches and sands >

Thank you, my best friend.

Farewell Goran. Thank you...
Thank you for everything.
Lord, please Lord, forgive them.
Forgive them...
Forgive those
who only think of themselves.
Forgive those who
are greedy and cheap.
And those who deceive and cheat
or grow rich by
paying miserable wages.
Dear lord, forgive them.
Forgive them.
And Lord, forgive those who
humiliate and desecrate.
Forgive those who torture and kill.
Forgive those who bomb and destroy
cities and villages.
Forgive those who are dishonest,
those who lie and are false.
Forgive governments who withhold
the truth from the people.
Dear Lord, forgive them.
Forgive those who are heartless,
merciless, and quick to pass judgement.
Please Lord, forgive them.
Forgive courts that pass sentences which
are too harsh or convict the innocent.
- Forgive them.
- Anna...
We have to close and lock up now.
Forgive newspapers and TV channels
that mislead.
That distract attention from
that which is important.
Dear Lord, forgive them.
There now, Anna.
We have to close and lock up now.
Dear Lord, forgive them.
Forgive them.
I had a dream last night.
I dreamt I married...
Micke Larsson.
He plays guitar and
sings in Black Devils.
It was so nice.
So nice...
You play so very well, Micke.
- Hello!
- Hello!
Where's Anna?
She's here.
Hello, Anna!
- Who are you?
- We have come to congratulate you.
You look nice.
Cheers for the happy couple!
It looks really cosy in there.
- Where are you off to?
- We haven't decided yet.
We'll see.
Anna and Micke, best of luck.
Anna and Micke, best of luck!
Anna and Micke, best of luck!
Ты, живущий Ты, живущий

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