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and mother is too.
Oh dear.
How much is it, then?
I'll help you out this time too, Johan,
but then, this has to stop.
I won't stand for it. Yes.
Now? No.
I don't have that kind
of money on me.
No, no, I can't.
I can't leave.
It's impossible.
Yes, absolutely impossible.
Yes, I'm going to give a speech.
Yes, I've promised.
If I don't, they'll be very
disappointed. Yes, very disappointed.
Yes, yes. Johan, calm down now.
It's a jubilee.
- Is Micke here?
- Micke who?
Micke Larsson.
He is the singer
in the Black Devils.
Black Devils.
There's a band that comes after us
at four o'clock.
- What's your name then?
- We're called Louisiana Brass Band.
You were going to call, Micke.
You said you were going to call.
You're such a good singer, Micke.
So damn good!
Holy shit.
Things are happening here.
Hang on.
Tobbe, did you hear that? I guess
you'll have to cancel golf today.
What I'm doing?
We're sitting here celebrating.
Conny Blom and me.
Fantastic lunch.
And the gods are congratulating us
with thunderous applause, you could say!
Very, very, good, Tobbe.
That's why I'm giving you a buzz.
Listen, that boat - is it gone?
I didn't think so. Not many people can
put up that kind of cash these days.
But I can, Tobbe.
What would your price be
if I said with no receipt?
I know, I know.
Quality doesn't come cheap.
"No money - no tournedous"
as the ancient Greeks used to say.
What, Bordeaux?
And no Bordeaux either.
No money,
no tournedous and no Bordeaux either.
That's brilliant, Tobbe.
You're a goddamn poet.
Conny agrees.
- Waiter!
- Can I pay, please.
I am a man who enjoys quality.
You know that, Tobbe.
I'm bloody grateful for that.
Not everyone can afford it.
It's too bad.
Quality is not for the common man.
Never has been, never will be.
That's just the way it is.
We did some really decent
business today. Really.
How did that philosopher put it?
You can't play nice in war and
business. Or something like that.
We're just gonna finish our brandy.
We'll have drinks at the Savoy.
So you're bloody welcome, you'll get
a fat down payment in cash.
What the hell? Hang on Tobbe. Wait.
Could we perhaps take some
measurements? Could we take the coat?
And perhaps the jacket, too?
Excuse me, my jacket!
Shoulder blades nineteen.
Elbows twenty-five.
Waist measurement forty-three.
Arm length fifty-two.
Jacket length sixty-eight.
And then we have this as well.
A little prickly.
Shoulder seventeen.
Knee height thirty-nine.
Leg length eighty-seven.
This is what you get for your sins,
you homeless bastards.
We're taking last orders now.
Last orders.
Tomorrow is another day.
I have a question, doctor.
Lars Johansson!
Take it easy. We'll call for you.
Good morning!
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
I am a psychiatrist.
I have been for 27 years.
I'm completely worn out.
Year after year,
listening to patients
who aren't satisfied with their
who want to have fun,
who want me to help them with that.
It wears you out, I can tell you.
My life isn't exactly
a lot of fun either.
People demand so much.
That's the conclusion I've drawn
after all these years.
They demand to be happy,
at the same time as
they are egocentric, selfish
and ungenerous.
Well, I would like to be honest.
I would like to say
that they are quite simply mean,
most of them.
Spending hour after hour in therapy,
trying to make a mean person happy...
There's no point.
You can't do it.
I've stopped doing it.
These days, I just prescribe pills.
The stronger the better.
That's the way it is.
- Nobody understands me.
- Oh, I understand.
- Do you live here?
- No.
Could you move? I
have to put some letters in the box.
Always a pleasure to be here, Karin.
Thank you, that's nice to hear.
Damn, that smells good.
What a mother you have, Uffe.
It's a shame she's a sadist, though.
Oh my, what are you saying, Mia?
- A sadist!
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