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Ты, живущий

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Let's go.
Did you call for me?
- What?
- Was it you who called for me?
Called? Nope.
Jonas, did you call for Holger?
What did you say?
- Did you call for Holger?
- No.
- What about Lasse?
- Lasse!
- Did you call for Holger?
- No, why?
- Nope.
- Nope.
I had a dream last night.
It was not a pleasant dream, mind
I dreamt I was
at a family dinner party.
A bloody big dinner party.
I couldn't understand why I was
I wasn't related to anyone.
I didn't know anyone either.
It was a dreary gathering.
Bloody hell, it was depressing.
I didn't understand why,
but I got the feeling it was my fault...
...it was so depressing.
I felt it was up to me to lighten up
the atmosphere, do something funny.
I thought I'll do the tablecloth
- even though I'd never done it
There was a hell of a lot of china...
...that came
off the table with the cloth.
Good God.
The police came...
...and there was a trial.
I was charged with gross
...disregarding someone else's
The worst thing you could do,
they said.
It's two hundred years old.
More than two hundred years old.
Don't worry about it.
Perhaps we should eat first?
That shouldn't be necessary.
What's all this bloody commotion!
Counsellor Akerblom.
I would like to inform you
that no tears-
- in the world can affect
the verdict of this court.
Is that understood?
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Right, Your honour.
This is a matter of particularly gross
negligence and destruction of property.
Particularly gross negligence.
The set, it was handed down from my
And it was more than
two hundred years old.
How old did you say it was?
More than two hundred years.
Life sentence, in my view.
That's not enough.
- The electric chair perhaps.
- Precisely.
- The electric chair?
- Yes!
The electric chair, going once,
twice, three times.
The electric chair.
That's life.
What the hell was that?
Try to relax, Benny.
Benny, try to relax.
It was from my
And it was two hundred years old.
More than two hundred years old.
Over two hundred years old.
Come, let's go.
Try to relax, Benny.
Try to think about something else.
The electric chair.
What a terrible invention.
How could you come up
with such a thing?
It's terrible.
- Mom!
- What?
- Mom!
- Yes.
Tell us what life was like
when you were a child.
How things were.
Maybe there's something special
you remember that you can tell us.
Can you tell us
about your childhood?
How things were when you were little.
Life was hard.
It was difficult.
You didn't have any money.
Once you had to walk
from Karlstad to Oslo.
Can you tell us about that mom?
Once you had to walk
from Karlstad to Oslo.
Can you tell us about that, mom?
And your brother Benjamin,
who died when he was young.
You liked him so very much.
Your little brother Benjamin.
Who's that?
Just try to tell us something
of what it was like.
That it wasn't always easy.
Just a little.
Try, mom.
Just a little.
A little.
It's already half-past five!
What can I say?
"Oh really?"
Telephone for Professor Holmberg.
It's his son. It's important.
There is a phone call for you.
It's important. It's your son.
Hello Johan.
But dear God, Johan.
You got money last week.
Yes, you did.
And I heard you asked your mother
for money as well.
And not for the first time, either.
Are you not ashamed, Johan?
You should be, you should be ashamed.
And Eva told mother
that you borrowed money from her too.
Several times.
And from uncle Arvid too.
That's the last they heard from you.
Can't you see you're embarrassing me?
Yes, you do.
You embarrass me and your mother
and your sister.
Yes, you do.
Yes, I'm disappointed.
Upset and unhappy.
Well, what do you think?
I don't want to think the worst, but...
I'm really beginning to do that,
Yes, I am.
Ты, живущий Ты, живущий

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