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Varvara Andreyevna!
- Oh, God! Erast Petrovich! Oh!
Don't look at me! Please, don't look up!
- ...two batteries are here. An unfinished redoubt - here,
at the eastern flank...
And there's nothing in between
these two hills.
A long narrow gorge leading directly into the town.
As far as the suburbs.
- It's the key to Pleven!
Absolute secrecy... is paramount...
I'll request medals both for you and Miss Suvorova.
- You'd better release her fianc.
You know that Yablokov is not a traitor.
- Yes, I do... But criminal negligence is no better
than treason.
- Lavrentiy Arkadyevich, this information was acquired
through Miss Suvorova's efforts...
While we sit here and enjoy our tea,
Miss Suvorova is on a mission right now...- That's it, gentlemen, I'm the first to finish...
- 'First to finish'... You've missed them all.
Thank you for a wonderful aide-de-camp,
Varvara Andreyevna...
- Varenka! Varya!
- Have you been released?
- Not... I still have to stay nights at the prison,
and work at the HQ during the day...
- You're a disgrace...
- I don't have much time. I gave a word of honor I'd return immediately...
- Well, thank God! Everything will be alright now...
- Gentlemen! I win!
- How come my "W" is worse than yours?
- I'm sure Varya's monogram should look like this!
However, to reconcile...
- Gentlemen, care for a drink?..
- ...I brought presents for everyone - personal flasks!
With gilded monograms! Erast is away again, son of a bitch...
'E.P.' for Eremey Perepelkin...
'M.S.' for Your Excellency...
- Semyon! Champagne for everyone!..
- No, no... I've brought some nice strong rum...
- Half a dozen for me. I pay!
- Lukan, you're like Count Monte Cristo  -
you lose everyday without running out of money!
- I come from the richest family in Romania!!! Well, my goddess,
who gets the prize? Who's picnic are you joining?
- Tell me the truth, Colonel, you did know about the time of assault...
- I know a lot...
Carl, the Prince of Romania, has naturally asked my opinion
about the secret plan of action...
This is the 2nd Battalion of the Kostroma Regiment.
Flanking the Turks...
- Lieutenant... Madam, we're off to Pleven and back...
- Mademoiselle, please wait till were back...
- Alright. Champagne will be waiting for you.
- Assume formation!
- First company, form!
- Total stupidity...
- Why?
- I told Prince Carl that the plan was bad,
and the assault would fail.
His Excellency has agreed with me and Romanian troops
do not take part in today's combat.
- Cheer up, lads! Cheer up! The Turks aren't expecting us.
We'll attack them out of the blue.
- Stand up! Stand!
- They are shooting from behind the hills...
- Shrapnel!..
- Soldiers! Don't shoot!
Be brave! Hold the line!
- Brothers, we rely on you!..
- Close orders!..
- They have wiped out the entire corps! Like in a training!
The troops had no time to even approach the enemy...
- Come on, don't cry. Have a drink...
Although everyone thinks Lukan is a moron,
the Prince of Romania showed him the battle plan
and Lukan said nothing would work out...
- Oh, did he?
Have you heard it personally?
- Yes!
- Alright... That changes a lot...
- What does it change?
What?.. Why do you never finish what start saying?
- It's treason, Varvara Andreyevna.
- What treason?
- Alright. Colonel Lukan, not the smartest man,
predicts the defeat of the Russian army - that's one.
He's familiar with the battle plan - that's two.
The whole assault relied entirely on the flanking maneuver - that's three.
Our troops entered the gorge just to get under heavy fire
from three different directions - that's four.
- The Turks knew where and when to shoot...
- Alright, Varvara Andreyevna,
I must ask you of assistance...
- Anything!..
- It's not a pleasant mission, though...
Prince Carl and his entourage are leaving for
Bucharest during the truce.
I would like you to join them
at the Romanian capital... Well... To relax...
Try to


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