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- Hooray to Varvara Andreyevna Suvorova!
- Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!!
Luntz... Luntz said he'd seen him at reporters' club...
At the club - one. In the field - two.
What could he hear about Pleven?
'It's vital you take Pleven.
Osman-pasha's corps is moving there...'
D'Hevrais heard it. Yes, he could.
The Spanish artist?
The Italian reporter?
No, impossible. Simply impossible.
- Varvara Andreyevna, I'm enchanted.
- What a jolly good company! Captain Count Zurov.
- Ippolit, how come!?
- Damn me!
I heard Turks boiled you alive!
You look awful, my friend, hard to recognize...
What's this?
Do you color your hair to look more dashing?
Well, we two have been through a lot, haven't we?...
My adventures are a separate story, strictly tte--tte.
Not for women's ears.
Well, you can guess the ending - lonely, no money
and heart-broken.
Gentlemen, how about a game of faro?
Crawl out of your corners and forget the chess...
Really, it's unpatriotic... Erast, you stay out of the game
- the devil himself watches over you...
- Alright, let's play awhile... Colonel Lukan...
To promote army camaraderie.
- Exactly... for camaraderie...
Low bets. 100 rubles for starters.
Well... Anybody else, gentlemen?..
Are you in?
- The press club has just turned into a gambling den...
FANDORIN THINKING: McLaughlin? What was McLaughlin
doing when I was telling Soboleff about Pleven?
McLaughlin heard what I said. Yes, he could.
- L-lavrentiy Arkadyevich? You're here?
- You were right - we got the bastard!
You know, I always get itchy before a fight.
He's been sniffing around for at least two hours. Take this.
He's not alone.
-There they are! Two of them!
- Hold on... There could be more...
- Colonel, no offence!
- Cheater!!!
- Such a beauty, mademoiselle... Nature...
By the way, would you like a bet?
If I guess who's the first to leave the tent
you kiss me. If I'm wrong -
I'll shave my head clean as a bashi-bazouk.
Hussar's word of honor! Come on! It's no risk for you.
There are about 30 men inside.
- So who is it going to be?
- Who? Colonel Sablin. No. McLaughlin.
No. Semyon the waiter - that's who!
It's a miracle!
- I hope it doesn't rain...
- It's a miracle! God's sign!
- You deserve a slap in the face.
I can see myself now - you're a cheater.
- Why? Mademoiselle, I'm as innocent as the Moon!
- Oh, what's up there?
- Where?
- It's a hot air balloon to coordinate artillery fire.
- A balloon... My God, it's so simple: use a spyglass and you can see everything...
- I could tell you so much about artillery fire...
- Where are the sentinels?
- Stay put! Or the girl's dead...
- An ass!? It's a trap!!!
- Don't move! Where are you going!
- Erast Petrovich...
- Quick!
- What's going on?
- Jump into the basket. Quick!
- Erast Petrovich, hurry...
Why aren't they shooting?
- They don't want any attention...
- Let's draw their attention.
- We can't. We have to get higher.
- Oh! Binoculars. 18-power?
- What? Yes...
- We can spot Anwar himself,
not just Turkish guns.
- My God, what's going on?
- Turks?
- Not yet.
- Don't shoot! Fandorin is up there! Alarm the troops,
quick, and follow the balloon. Move!
- There come the Turks.
- Turks? Then we can spot their positions.
- May I...
- There's an unfinished redoubt to the east...
- Varya...
- Nothing between the hills... Alright, there are the pickets!
- Varvara Andreyevna, it's too dangerous after all.
- Alright, one for me and one for you...
Varya?.. That was pretty unexpected...
Holy Mother!.. God, save us!..
Mitenka!!! Mitya, dear, help us!
We are drifting toward the Turks!
- Petrukha! Follow me!
- Varvara Andreyevna, hold fast!
Crawl over me!
- Petrukha! Full speed!
- God, where's he going?
Don't you dare touch me so unceremoniously!!
- Varvara Andreyevna, hold on...
- Petruhka! Back up, full speed!
- Mother! God, I'm scared!
- Hold on,

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