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Entered my duties immediately.
- Who, Your Excellency?
- The person calling himself a "titular counselor". Fandorin. Where is he?
- Everything is in my dispatch.
- Good day, Lavrentiy Arkadyevich!
- Fandorin! Nice to see you, Erast Petrovich!
- Come on, son, open the hatch. MOVE!
- Have you sent troops to Pleven?
- Here's the order. I just wanted to make sure it was you.
- I beg you, for Christ's sake, hurry up!
- Encrypt immediately and send it to General Kruedener's HQ via the field telegraph. Move!
- Yes, sir.
- Rumors are you were killed in Serbia...
Let me give you a hug, my friend...
- Yablokov! Encrypt this. ASAP!
By the way, someone wants to see you...
- Who? - Your bride... Well... Doesn't matter... Execute orders!
Hurry up, Yablokov! What's taking you so long?..
- Cryptogram # 3456...
- Have you seen him?
- No.
- Too bad... Too bad... The worst thing is that we lack
even his general description.
You know, Fandorin, I have a bad feeling.
This war has started out too smoothly.
- Yablokov!
- Luntz!
- Look, Yablokov... I have a message for you.
- Oh my God... Varenka...
- Bless you, Varvara Andreyevna.
- Who's there?
- Please meet Mademoiselle Suvorova. She came here
to find her fianc. All dressed up and camouflaged.
- How do you do.
- How do you do... What fianc?
What have you heard, miss? She heard everything!
And it's totally classified!
I have to apologize, but due to
state security considerations
you have to spend the rest of the campaign
under home arrest.
- But I haven't even seen Petya.
- What? You'll see Petya after the war is over. Officer!
- I think it's enough to ask Varvara Andreyevna
to give her word of honor.
- I swear, not a word to anyone!
- Under my responsibility.
- Erast Petrovich, we can't take risks.
Can we trust a girl?
You know: "Long hair, small brain".
- That was mean!
- Lavrentiy Arkadyevich, I need an aid, male or female. Doesn't matter.
- There's Pleven... Everything is silent and calm...
- Varya... Varenka... I knew you'd come!
- Jesus, you look awful!
"Marlborough has gone to the war..."
- And you look like Gavroche.
"A cruise around the globe is nothing
compared to the trip we take together."
"My love for you is adoration..
My home is wherever you are."
Alright, I'll see tonight you at the reporters' club. It's fun.
- Petya, my love, I don't have...
- I knew you'd come!
- ...any money... Petya, where can I wash...wash up?
- Don't pay attention, it's alright... please come in...
- Romanian nobility is one of the oldest in Europe...
- Your Excellency, please let me
stay with you...
- D6, check.
- It's mate. - What did you expect?
- Your Excellency, you won't regret.
With my honor and life... I swear!
- Perepelkin, get lost. You're the HQ type.
Why would I need someone like you?
- Congratulations, Michel, with your new commanding post.
You're your own boss now.
- Ladies and gentlemen...
This is my bride.
- Varvara Andreyevna...
Varvara Andreyevna.
- Put out the lamps - we don't need them anymore.
Sun has risen!
- Bishop moves to F4. What, you didn't expect?..
- Mademoiselle, let me introduce myself, Colonel Mikhai Lukan, Romanian Army.
- Varya. Oh...
Come on, I'm not the Pope
to have my hands kissed.
- How do you do, General...
- Damn... It's... It's you?.. You!
- Monsieur d'Hevrais, didn't you recognize me?
- With difficulty, Madam. You looked terrific in boy's disguise as well.
But this dress...
- There's a professional dress-maker among the nurses...
- General, sir...
- Cut it... Gentlemen, me and Varvara...
- Andreyevna.
- I can remember her name without your help...
...are old acquaintances...
- May I invite you to the Romanian camp?.. It's much more fun over there.
- Mademoiselle, I'd be enchanted, if you'd call me
simply Charles.
- Just call me Michel.
- Your Excellency! You'll need your own HQ.
- It wasn't me who rescued you. The Cossacks did...

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