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Your Majesty, we broke
through to the center of Pleven.
I defended the town against
Osman's hordes for two hours.
And you haven't sent me
even a single regiment.
What should I make of that?
What should I make of that?!!
Mikhail Dmitriyevich,
I understand your anger...
If I knew, I would have sent all
my reserves, not a single regiment.
But the news came too late.
- What do you mean too late?
Count Zurov, my aide-de-camp,
have gotten through to you
around 6 pm...
- I assure you...
- I don't need your assurances!
Zurov was seen at the HQ around 5:30 p.m.
I defended the town till 8.
I lost two thirds of my men!
- Your people will be awarded.
Congratulations with your promotion
to Lieutenant-General.
As far as the lost messenger is concerned...
- Our best men are investigating the case.
Please, mark everything you find with flags...
Erast Petrovich!
Sergey Konstantinovich...
Keep combing the area.
- Carry on!
- Here, Erast Petrovich, I've found him!
- Carry on with the search...
20 thousand dead. A catastrophe!
Yes, we are stuck under
Pleven. We need a siege.
This where Kazanzaki attacked him.
And shot him.
Count Zurov was a warrior.
He managed to wound Kazanzaki
in the shoulder,
Kazanzaki rode away, then he understood
there is no escape and shot himself.
- This Kazanzaki guy is crazy or what?
- Kazanzaki is a Turkish spy.
He's the devil himself...
Don't touch this! It's crime evidence...
Look at you, Fandorin!
You're as helpless as Miss Suvorova!
Miss, do I smell vodka?
Are you a drinker?
- I didn't drink - I just washed my face.
- With vodka?
- I thought there was water
inside that flask in the bush...
In the bush? A flask?
- Like this?
- The flask? Yes?
- Did you leave it where it was?
- I think so. Why?
The monogram. Each flask had a monogram.
Zurov gave everyone a personal flask.
What was that? A shot?
- Had yer hairs cut, ain't yer?
- Yes. At the hospital.
I was unconscious.
They cut everyone's hair there.
Aye, lassie...
Varvara Andreyevna...
Erast Petrovich, is it you?.. Lord, thanks...
How are you?
Me? I've been r-released
from the hospital recently. Like you.
How do you do this?
What? A peasant dialect?
Why are you here?
I'm here... b-b-because
I need your help.
- Of course! Anything!
I... We must hurry.
Halt!.. That's him.
- What must I do?
- Just ask him about the news.
- Mister McLaughlin! It's me! I'm back!
- How do you, Mademoiselle Suvorova.
How are your injuries?
Healed. Have heard
news about Mr. Fandorin?
He came back two days
ago then disappeared again.
They haven't found Anwar yet...
Is short hair en vogue now?
- Yes.
- I don't like it.
Why don't you join me.
I have a thermal flask
with tea and cookies
- the nurses gave them to me...
- Promise you won't tell a word until 10...
- Word of honor! What's up?
I have the first hand
information. Tonight at 10 p.m.
the Turks are starting negotiations
at General Ganetsky's HQ.
Osman-pasha's initiative.
They want to surrender.
- Really?
- No one... No one knows this aside from me.
I'll be at Ganetsky's. A historic moment...
- What if it's a set up?
It's a reliable source.
Mademoiselle Varya, the siege is over!
Damn! Ganetsky's corps is
defending the southern route.
They spread thin there.
We are loosing time...
Varvara Andreyevna, I'll be heading
to Ganetsky's HQ, you go to Soboleff's...
Dressed like this?
- Can you drive the carriage?
- I'm not sure...
- Be c-c-careful!
- You too.
They are here!!!
The Turkish negotiators are here!!!
General, sir, I have an important message
from Marshal Osman-pasha.
Please, come in, gentlemen.
Sorry, sorry...
I'm Colonel Ismail-bey,
Marshal Osman-pasha's aide-de-camp.
He asked
me to give you his sword.
Very kind of you...
I have an urgent message
for the General...
It's a trap! The Turks
are breaking through!
Erast Petrovich, you know
how things are -

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