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the truce.
I would like you to join them
at the Romanian capital... Well... To relax...
Try to learn more about Lukan.
He'll be definitely showing off for you...
You are a young and attractive lady...
I can't believe what
I hear... A compliment...
And such an exquisite one:
'An at-t-tractive lady'...
- Where's your fiance?
Such a nice young man.
- You think so?
- I assume it's unfair on my part
to affect your decision to get married...
- Excuse me?
- How about... a short romance
before the wedding...
Just to make you feel like a woman...
I hope you understand me...
Not really... I need air...
I have to tidy myself up...
No, don't follow me...
I'll be back in a second...
Waiter, bring the champagne!
- We don't have a single proof.
- By the way, Colonel Kazanzaki,
an unpleasant person,
but a good professional,
has searched Lukan's tent...
Alarming our Romanian allies.
But getting results.
- Where did you find this?
- Inside the mattress, General, sir.
A childish hiding place.
They think we are fools.
- Excuse me, what have you found?
- Money... Turkish... British...
A paper signed by the Sultan:
'The Bearer of this shall receive
full and immediate assistance
from all Sultan's subjects
irrespective of rank...'
General, sir, the experts have verified
authenticity of the signature and the seal.
Well, shall we seize him?
- No. We'll let him loose awhile.
We'll tail him and check out his contacts...
- Permission to leave, Lavrentiy Arkadyevich?
- Where? Why?
- It's vital we send a telegram
to Miss Suvorova.
She doesn't know how dangerous this man is.
She can get r-reckless.
'Vienna Piano'... A diary.
All in Romanian...
I knew...
I had my suspicions...
- Really?
- Your eyes said so much when you left...
I waited a little...
To make it less obvious...
Each second seemed like an eternity...
I'm burning inside.
Come in to my arms, my little devil!
Just a second.
I'm here.
You got me wrong!
- Wrong?!
- Help!
- I understand everything!..
No one can treat Lukan like this.
Get out of my way!
- Let me go! Let me go!
- Bitch! Whore!
- Help! Help!
- Colonel, are you mad!
- Go to hell!
- She's a French harlot...
- I'll squeeze you like a bug!
- A duel! Now!
- With everyone at the same time?
How nice of you...
Make your pick. But it was
me who called you a rascal.
Excuse me, but it was
me who punched him...
- Don't you think
the abused party should choose?
- That's acceptable.
Alright. If you want a showdown
- let's do it.
One condition
- we'll have one duel only.
With the man I choose. If I stay alive -
no further challenges.
- Don't worry, you won't stay alive...
- Perfect...
I pick the Captain.
Wasn't it you, Captain, who called me mad
down at the stairs?..
Gentlemen, let's move
into the yard and shoot.
McLaughlin, will you be my second?
You start walking toward
each other when I say so.
Shoot at will.
But if you miss - please stay in the line of fire.
Shoot immediately.
It's your only chance.
Good luck.
God hates sinners.
A messenger from Soboleff!
- You shouldn't have brought me here.
- What is there to do at the camp?
Anwar is dead.
- You are wrong.
Do you remember how he used
his double in Pleven?
Lukan is just another decoy.
We've broken through!
But we need more men!
I'm calling the reinforcements!
- Monsieur, a snapshot for the magazine...
- I'm in a hurry!..
- Ten to one on Russians!
- Ten? Alright! On Turks!
- I need a horse!
- Where are you going?
- That way.
- To Soboleff? But why?
I don't know yet.
- Varvara. Would you like
to use the telescope?
- Yes.
Count Zurov with a message from Soboleff!..
We took Pleven! We're
defending the houses.
Look, we've got the Turkish flag!
I'll get the Kuban Regiment.
If the Cossacks get there in time the
devil himself won't kick us out of Pleven!
- Give me a horse, quick!
- Captain, I'm with you!
- Victory!
Hey, are you

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