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your weakness...
I've wasted so much time!
Army is not a whorehouse!
What a shame!
I'll be court-martialled...
I'm not interested in your
intimate life, Mr.Conspirator.
Do you remember cryptogram #3456-s?
- No!
- Sent at 3 o'clock!
- Yes, I do recall, it said 'extremely urgent'...
- Who brought it?
Did you take it directly to the
telegraph station? Did you go elsewhere?
No. I brought it there and handed it over...
What's wrong, anyway?
- Did Yablokov ever leave his station?
- I don't know.
Oh, yes... he did leave...
there was message for him...
I gave it to him...
Luntz, who gave you this message?
Who brought the message?!
The name! Give me the name!
- I don't know him...
Have you seen him before?
- In the club...
- In the club? Reporters' club?
I can't believe my eyes!
Not a single patrol!
I heard Asians are irresponsible,
but that's too much!
shall we ride into Pleven?
Are you scared?
- Not a bit...
My lady, what a splendid idea
to come and visit me.
But aren't
men's battles tiresome?
Dear Ismail-bey, you can't imagine
how boring it is at the Russian camp.
I doubt that.
By the way, is 'Prokop' - my favorite cafe -
still there?
Intact... But how can you be so sure
that war is going to end soon?
I'm surprised Russians haven't
thrown me out of Pleven yet.
- I thought Osman-pasha's corps is here.
- Can you see it?
No, no. Osman-pasha's troops
will arrive only tonight .
My force here is a single
company of volunteers...
The war could have been a real holiday
with such beautiful women around...
Mr. Smart Guy!
'A t-t-trap'!
Let's hope Anwar is fooled!..
You're as blind as a bat!!!
He followed you through the camp,
then across the hills...
And you haven't spotted the tail!
- I think he was t-tailing Luntz, not me...
- What's wrong with you,
Erast Petrovich? Foolish mistakes!
Anwar wins again and again!
- He's very cautious and extremely smart.
This time he'll surely kill you!
May be this is your plan?
That's why you joined the army?
You've found yourself a new bride -
in place of the one they killed...
The Death herself?...
- Lavrentiy Arkadyevich, how could you...
- Shut up!!! I need you alive...
Such tokens can easily
get you killed... Excuse me.
- Your Excellency!
- It's his plan - so report to him...
- There are shooters hidden underground
in a secret place. Care to see?
- Can we count on them?
- All are experienced warriors.
- Sir!
- Quiet, lads...
Quiet! I'll be here at midnight.
Don't sleep and don't smoke...
- 'A secret weapon', Sergey Konstantinovich,
might be a good bait, I think.
This is a war between two sloths.
That's what you should write.
Your volunteers
look very courageous...
Oh, no...
These are Anwar-effendi's bodyguards...
- Who?
- A V.I.P. from Istanbul.
A strange bird...
Coming and disappearing all the time...
Thanks for coffee and baklava.
I must be going.
It's very dangerous!
The Russian camp is over there...
Monsieur Effendi...
Monsieur Effendi, wait...
I said wait!
Shoot, you're the marksman!!!
- I won't!.. He's too far anyway...
Got him!!! Surrender, you rascal!!!
Get up! Get up, I say!
Alright! Charles, shoot him!
- Why would I? He's done nothing wrong.
- He's an enemy!
Give me your gun...
- No!
Don't shoot! They've got Anwar-effendi!
Run!.. Run!.. Run!..
- Flank them!
- To arms! Follow me!!!
Give me your hand. Get on, quick...
You've compromised my reconnaissance
mission completely, Varvara Andreyevna...
Everything will be perfect...
- ...Screw your steam pot!
- You can't stand in the way
of technical progress!
- I've seen your Anwar!
- Seen him?
- We almost captured the bastard...
- Where did you see him?
- In Pleven. We shot his shoulder and tonight
we'll capture him. Won't me, Michel?
Varenka, you are the Russian Joan of Arc...
Dear Charles, a reporter
MUST NEVER act like a spy!
We'll catch Anwar and
Petya will be released...
Could you

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