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- Mademoiselle, I'd be enchanted,
if you'd call me simply Charles.
- Just call me Michel.
- Your Excellency! You'll need your own HQ.
- It wasn't me who rescued you.
The Cossacks did...
- Your Excellency, please...
To hell with you!
Hand me your written request.
Varvara Andreyevna, accept my
apologies, last time I couldn't pay
you the required attention... In
the heat of the battle, you know...
So many stars...
They say your sneeze can reach
the skies from the northern
town of Murmansk. You can
watch the heavenly lights there.
They are called 'aurora borealis'.
And we're just killing time here.
Who'd want this rat hole?
You are surrounded.
Hand in your weapons.
- Alarm, brothers!!!
- Alarm! To arms...
Breaking news, gentlemen,
General Kruedener took Nikopol.
Nikopol?.. Why Nikopol?..
You wanted to say P-pleven?
No. Nikopol. I'll be the
first to use the telegraph...
Semyon, the map...
Send the dispatch to
the Romanian HQ a.s.a.p....
It's a long way from
Nikopol to Pleven...
What are doing? Are you
crazy?.. Get you hands off him!
Erast Petrovich, what's happening?
Why are doing this?
The cryptogram written by
Mr.Yablokov had one word changed:
Nikopol instead of Pleven. That's why
General Kruedener moved into Nikopol,
while Osman-pasha's avant-guard troops
took unprotected Pleven.
- Osman took Pleven?
- Correct!
I swear, my typing was correct.
I honestly can't understand how
a 6-digit 'Pleven'
could have turned
into a 7-digit 'Nikopol'.
It's a mystery...
- Leave mysteries to girl scouts.
Where did you study cryptography?..
Listen, Yablokov, did you
ever leave the cryptography tent?
Petya, did you go anywhere outside?
No. It's strictly forbidden.
Where did you study cryptography?!!
Oh, Mr. Titular Counselor!
Thanks to you my fifty men...
I'm heading for the HQ! If they
don't let me... I'll go alone.
- Trouble again...
- Erast Petrovich!.. Where have you been?
Have you heard about Petya...
We must hurry, we must find
and capture that Anwar. Let's go!
Excuse me, Varvara Andreyevna,
but I need time to think.
Think? While you are racking
your brains... Go to hell!..
I'll think of something myself.
Petya, my love, I'll save you...
May I take a look at cryptogram
Impossible. Destroyed
according to regulations.
- Does the register say who brought it?
- Of course...
Here. Volunteer Luntz.
- Luntz!
- Yes!
What's this? Dark glasses?
You look like a monkey! Take them off!
Sir, my eyes are very
weak. They are affected
by sunlight and dust...
The medic said it's okay.
You're in the army, not at a spa,
Mr. Volunteer. Tidy up!
Yes, sir...
Look, what if we sneak into Pleven
and take a look at the Turks, eh?
You are from a neutral country
and protected by the Geneva Convention.
And me? I'll go with you as your companion!
Pleven? A splendid idea!
A reporter working both sides of the front...
But... How will we sneak
around the Russian patrols?
- We'll work something out!
- But it's dangerous. They can easily shoot us.
- Are you scared?
- Have you heard?
- About what?
- You haven't! General and I are going
to Pleven on a reconnaissance mission.
What's that?
What kind of devil's teapot is this?
The entire battery is at its position already!
My receiver was fowled up...
- What receiver? Don't bullshit me...
- Varya?
- Hello, Mitenka!
- You? Glad to see you, Varvara Andreyevna!
Please meet Charles. This is Mitenka
Gridnev, a friend of mine.
He is an engineer.
- I knew I'd see you here!
- Is this you famous monster-mobile?
- Yes, that's her...
I'm trembling all over...
How can you be so cruel? Eh?
- Have you brought the money?
- Of course...
Look, let's talk about money later, alright?
- What do you mean 'later'?
- Please, I beg you, let's talk
about money after!
- No way. No more 'after'!
- Damn!!!
- What?
I beg you, don't ruin my life!
It's my goddamn weakness...
Damn you, Luntz, and


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