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one person.
But I didn't have enough proof.
- What person? Erast Petrovich, you are talking riddles.
- I was clueless myself for a very long time.
Not surprising. You are a master spy. First you disguised
yourself as a Russian POW.
To make it more convincing -
you shot yourself through the skin.
You heard me telling the General: 'You must occupy
Pleven immediately. Osman-pasha's corps is moving there.'
You replaced the cryptogram. You only had
to lure Yablokov out with a message.
Then you killed the only witness.
Then you set a trap for our troops,
staging the appearance of Anwar's double.
Before the second offensive you recruited
Colonel Lukan who lost all his money through gambling.
Then you cunningly killed him as well.
- Christ protected me. I'm no shooter.
- But your major trick was the murder of Zurov and Kazanzaki.
Pleven wasn't captured again. You waited
for the messenger in the bush.
Then you killed them both. Zurov was shot at blank point.
Then you finished off Kazanzaki by staging a suicide.
You almost enabled the Turks to break the siege,
when you told McLaughlin about Osman-pasha's plans to surrender.
Was it not for Varvara Andreyevna...
- Where is McLaughlin?
- Murdered. I'm sure you gave special instructions
about him to your men.
The body is either hidden or cut into pieces
to make its identification impossible.
- You don't have any proof. Yes, the Captain
could have done all this, but you lack evidence...
- No, I could not... I couldn't...
- You are right...
- I'm a war hero...
- ...I had no proof. But not this time!
Just one. But 100% solid.
Anwar's photograph...
Yusuf-pasha, the Governor of Vidin, promised you
to destroy the photo, but later decided...
to leave it as a token of your meeting...
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
- Smart decision. Or you might hurt the lady.
Too bad I didn't kill you before...
In that cave...
-Look, Perepelkin or Anwar... whoever you are... If she
gets a single scratch... I'll kill you with my bare hands...
- Why am I here?
- Don't worry, it'll be over soon...
You are the perfect candidate for a bait.
- What bait?
- I need Soboleff to stay here in
Sultan-Kabuse. It took me some effort to lure him out.
Soboleff likes to play a knight in shining armor.
He won't leave you here.
- Useless. There's steel inside.
- Bring me the dynamite!
- We can't or we'll blow up both of them...
- Fandorin, why couldn't find your Pasha earlier?
- Yusuf-pasha is not in Constantinople.
I wasted my time.
- Who is on the photo then?
- I was bluffing.
- And then?
- Sultan's Guards will be here in a short time.
So, the almighty Soboleff, the White General himself,
will be trapped and captured like a rat.
England will finally understand that Russia
is not as scary as it seems.
Turkey will get another chance at war.
The gambit will be over.
- Who?
- What.
They are here.
- Look out, the Turks are coming...
Can you hear me?!
- I'll save you, word of honor!
- Look out, the Turks are on the roof!
I hate waiting!
Five bullets...
- Form! Back up! Form!
- I need him alive...
- It's alright... it's alright!
Thank you...
- Did he pass out?
- No. You've broken the skull of the master spy.
- Me?
- Yes. Gold is a very heavy metal.
- Yes, yes, I remember... What's going on?
- It's too quiet.
No one's shooting.
-Who won?
- You move out of my way, yedryona mat ('Damn you')!
- Yedryona mat!...
- Well, it's over. Peace.
- So many have died...
Anwar played his gambit well.
I got a medal, while in reality I should have been...
- Don't torture yourself. If it wasn't you...
I'm afraid to think what would have happened to us.
- I... Mizinov told me the same.
Offering any reward I wish...
- What did you wish?
- Me? I haven't...
To leave. As far away as I can.
- Where to?
- Japan. It looks like the end of  the world.
- Varya! They'll take me away without you.
- Just a minute.
- Farewell, Erast

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