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Directors - B. Pavlov-Silvansky, V. Terentyev
Photography - A. Taborov, A. Romanov
Dances - Yu. Myachin
Stage movement - K. Chernozyomov
Costume designer I. Vedernikova
Make-up artists - G. Vdovichenko, T. Pavlova
Designers - V. Slonevsky, I. Mishina
Assistant directors - O. Andreyev, G. Pushkova,
assistant art designer - M. Struchkova,
assistant sound director - L. Seliukova,
assistant light director - V. Yeliseyev.
Pop and Symphony orchestra
of the Leningrad committee for TV and Radio,
Conducted by V. Rylov.
Production manager - L. Svetlov
Part two
Hey, help!
- Son-in-aw, help!
- I am here, don't worry!
Ah-ha, so you are here!
The very man I sought!
Here you come, scoundrel! I'll teach
You a lesson for your dirty tricks!
Hey, easy signor! Mind you I've got
My sword and I am no coward!
Fight, despicable creature, who has
Enticed another man's bride!
I can defend myself and I can
Show the cad his place!
- I am ready!
- Me too.
- Let's start.
- Right.
- I am waiting!
- What for?
- And you?
- For you!
- Ah, so?
- So.
- I am here!
- Me too!
Fewer words and more business!
It's too early for you
to be weary of life.
It's such a sunny day
Such a hot sunny day.
Don't you feel lazy
To play with death?
The devil only awaits
Which of us shall get
Which of us shall get on
This spit like a turkey
Well, fight to the bitter end,
Don't close your eyes
He is himself afraid.
It's no use pretending
To be brave
And it's dangerous
Waving your spear.
Be careful lest this fight
Become your last one.
But is it? What's gone wrong?
What's the matter?
We strike the enemy with the spear
And win again as usual!
Stop, stop! Stop.
My dearest Clarice,
For your sake I grant life
To this signor.
And you as a sign of gratitude
do keep your vow.
Come on.
That's it! That's it! That's it!
That's it! That's it! That's it!
We are saved, my darling!
Damnation. Despicable traitor,
Whom are you calling "darling"?
The fiance whom you betrayed?
The one that you mocked so cruelly?
I do not deserve your reprimand.
I love you and am still faithful to you.
Liar! Why humiliate me?
You call a treason faithfulness.
You just now made a vow to another man!
I never did and never shall do such a thing.
I'd rather die than leave you.
- Your father announced your marriage!
- Father could not have told you such a thing.
He told me that
You were alone
In your room with
your fiance Rasponi!
- I won't deny that.
- Isn't it enough?
Do you expect me to believe
You are faithful to me
When you were so close
With another man?
I know how to guard my honour!
As my fiancee you shouldn't let another
Man into your room.
- It was my father who left us alone!
- But you agreed only too gladly.
Equally gladly I would have run away!
I heard him speak about
a vow you made.
This vow has nothing to do
with my betrayal.
- So what is this vow then?
- That I can't tell you.
- But why?
- I promised to keep silent.
This is the proof of your guilt.
- Not in the least!
- An innocent woman has nothing to hide.
But telling you I'd
Commit a crime!
- To whom did you make this vow?
- To Federigo.
Is this vow so sacred for you?
I must inform you that I am
Going to keep it.
And you say you do not love him?
Liar. I don't want to see you.
You are blind! Had I not loved you
I wouldn't come running here
To save your life!
What do I need it for
When I owe it to you.
Believe me, dear, I love you!
And me... and I despise
You with all my heart!
Please stop or I'll die.
I'd rather see you dead than suffer
Such deceit on your part.
So you wish me dead?
Yes! Death is the only
Reward for treason.
- Rejoice then.
- Wait! Stop!
And you, signor, can look with indifference
when blood is shed before your eyes!
You are a tiger! A lion!
A soulless crocodile!
Just look at this smart aleck!
The poor bride is ready to disembowel
Herself for his sake!
As for

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