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am, just think
if I wanted to marry you.
But what about your brother?
Killed in a duel.
Sadly the person dearest to me
is suspected to be his murderer.
As before I am not going to retreat.
My heart is broken,
my honour is at stake!
Let Pantalone keep
his word
Or I, or I...
Or I'll make
I'll make him eat dirt.
Or I'll make him eat dirt!
Diabolo. Go ahead!
I know that Pantalone was wrong.
He wronged you.
But still it is no excuse to behave
Like you do.
Silvio, Silvio! You'd better
Leave it to me, my boy.
I'll talk to him and I am sure
I'll make him see the error of his ways
explaining what honour is.
Keep calm!
- Now leave this place.
- No! He'll answer for the insult!
Believe me, I am wiser I know
the world and eggs do not teach hens.
I want you to obey.
Conditio sinequa non. (The necessary
Condition). Do you understand?
All right. This time I'll leave!
But pray in the name of love
and friendship keep my secret.
- But to Silvio
- I absolutely forbid you.
- All right, I won't tell him, signora.
- Not a word to any one.
- I swear again I won't
- Give me your hand now.
What for?
Are you still afraid?
Shall I offer you proof?
Bravissimo! Bravissimo!
You must be a magician, sir.
We must make arrangements
for the marriage this minute!
Father, don't let us make haste.
What do you mean? You were hugging
and I am not to hurry?
And what if something happens?
Who'll be to blame?
No, no, the wedding will be tomorrow!
Sir, first we have to complete our
business and go over our accounts.
We'll do everything, settle all accounts
And then tomorrow the wedding rings
- But dear father, why so soon?
- Me dear daughter, we can't waste time.
Sir, signor Lombardi is here.
- I'll go to say a couple of words to him.
- Oh don't, why...
Oh, I see.
- Well, good-bye
- I say, sir...
- Since you are a bride and bridegroom
- Father!
All right, my children, all right!
Father! Let go!
Ah, signora Beatrice, I fear my
Troubles are not yet over.
Everything may happen,
Only I can't marry you.
A shame! A shame!
I would consider it a shame
To let such a woman live in my house!
The daughter of a person who
Doesn't know how to keep his word!
Remember, that you've insulted me!
Neither me, nor my son, nor my family
will forgive you! You'll pay dearly!
Go, go away!
I don't care!
I am not a bit afraid of such threats.
I have more respect for the house of Rasponi
than for a hundred Lombardi houses!
Qui visfacer parabellum
Who wants peace must
Get ready for war!
- My God! He is here.
- Remember your vow.
Father related to me the news
That I can scarcely believe.
Yes, you can. Everything he
Told you is true.
That's enough, I understand!
It means that the wedding between Clarice
And signor Federigo is all settled?
Exactly. We have decided so.
I am appalled at
your arrogant tone.
You... you have no honor!
You don't know how to keep your word!
You have no right to talk like that
To an old man!
If you were not old I would pull out
Your beard at once!
- And I would break your knees!
- I could pierce you through!
You came here to make havoc?
I suggest you come out.
Let's settle everything outside your house.
You know, you surprise me!
If there is a drop of honour left
in you I ask you to come outside.
You have no respect!
You are a coward! A rascal!
An old scoundrel!
And you are a cad,
a brigand and a villain.
Damn! I swear to God
I'll pierce you through!
I am not a frog, sir.
Help! Help!
End of part one
Comissioned by the State Committee
of the USSR for Radio and Television
Creative society for
TV movies
Musical based on the comedy "The Servant
of Two Masters" by C. Goldoni
Screenplay V. Vorobiev, A. Goldburt
Stage direction V. Vorobiev
Director of photography D. Meskhiev
Art director I. Kaplan
Composer - A. Kolker
Lyrics - Kim Ryzhov
Sound - Ye. Nesterov
Editor - Yu. Holin, editing - Z.

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