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- I don't care if he was killed or not.
He must give up any claim on Clarice!
When you see him, signor, tell him
That he must abandon all hope
For this marriage.
My warmest regards from me
Silvio Lombardi.
I don't know how he managed to survive.
I saw his body stabbed
through and through.
He lay on the ground
and didn't breathe.
His soul apparently left the body.
But if miracles still happen
Then thank heaven!
I'll go to Turin immediately as fast
As my steed can speed!
I'll go to my beloved Beatrice!
Oh, Beatrice! I am happy again.
I await our reunion!
I want to drink your breath
with my lips,
Oh Beatrice, my love!
Oh Beatrice, my love!
Go back, my friend
and wait over there.
Over the corner. I'll call you.
- So here you are!
- Here I am, signor.
- Will you go with me?
- Where to?
- To Turin, immediately.
- When?
- Immediately!
- Right off? Without having dinner?
- We can have dinner. Agreed?
- I'll decide by the end of dinner, signor.
- Have you been to the post office?
- Yes.
- Found any letters?
- I did.
- Where are they, then?
- I'll find them in a minute.
- What is taking so long, give them to me.
- Just a moment.
I must confess, sir:
Not all letters are yours.
I met this servant I used
to know in Bergamo
And when he heard I was going
to the post office, he asked me to take
his master's letters as well.
I believe one is for you, the other for him
But I don't know which is which.
- Give them to me. I'll find mine.
- Here.
I wanted to do a friend
a good turn.
- A letter for Beatrice?! Is she in Venice?
- That must be my friend's letter.
- Who is your friend? Who is his master?
- His name is Pasquale, a good chap.
- Who is his master?
- I don't know, sir.
But if he told you to pick up his master's
letters, he must have told you his name.
Of course he did. I don't recall.
- You don't?
- I don't. I swear to God!
- He wrote it on a piece of paper
- So where is the paper?
- I left it at the post office.
- What a day, Madonna.
- Do you know where Pasquale lives?
- Signor, I honestly don't know.
But how are you going
to hand him the letter?
We made an appointment to meet in the
square. Give me the letter, signor.
- I'll open the letter
- God forbid! It's a sin.
I know.
Well, well, well. That's it.
My regards, signora. Your departure from
this city has given rise to much talk.
All the town now knows that you
have gone to join Signor Aretusi.
As soon as the Authorities have
discovered that you fled dressed
as a man - this is also known -
they issued an order
for your arrest.
Truffaldino, find this servant Pasquale,
And find out who his master is,
find out if his master is a man or
a woman, find out where he stays,
and if you bring the fellow here
you'll both get a finder's fee.
I'll try. How can I give him
the letter open like this?
Tell him it was by mistake.
- It means we are not going to Turin now?
- I'll wait, but hurry up.
What a smart guy! Almost a genius!
Porter! Here quick!
Take the trunk.
- Where shall I take it?
- To the inn.
- Who'll tip me?
- Did you get it?
We agreed on 30 soldi.
- So be it 30.
- What people!
- Have you been to the post office?
- Of course.
- Any letters?
- There's one, but not for you.
- For whom then?
- For your sister.
- Give it to me.
- Here.
- But it's been opened! - That's
lmpossible! No way! When? By whom?
- Yes.
I have no idea how it could happen.
You have no idea? You scoundrel,
arrogant swindler!
All right! I'll tell you the truth.
Any one can make mistakes.
There was a letter for me at the post
office. But I am not good at reading
So I opened yours by mistake.
- If that's so, it's all right.
- Of course it's so. You may be quite sure.
- Did you read it? - Oh, no, signor.
Besides the handwriting is almost illegible.
- Did anybody see it?
- God forbid! Certainly not!
- I'll get you.
- God forbid! God forbid!
I have some things to do.
Go to the inn,


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