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Bravo, Rasponi! A smart guy!
But he is dead!
Now I remember. Diabolo! Wait!
Signora Beatrice, good afternoon.
My good Brighella, please don't
Disclose my identity.
I am in trouble, I've lost my brother.
I don't know if it was Florindo
who killed him, but he is dead.
Can I share a secret with you,
I was in love with Florindo Aretusi. There
was a longstanding animosity between him
And my poor Federigo.
Not long ago there was a quarrel
I don't know the details yet, but
my brother was killed in a bloody duel.
While in fear of trial my beloved fled
Without saying farewell to me.
Believe me, my good Brighella
There's no bringing back my brother anyway
And I just can't lose Florindo.
Now you see what love is capable of.
Pray, my good Brighella, don't refuse
To help me.
You've always liked to act strangely,
signora. But I'll gladly serve you!
- And I'll be damned if I let your
secret be known. - Thank you.
I am sick and tired of waiting.
I'll grow pretty thin with
a master like this.
The clock has just stuck 12. But my
stomach tells me it's long past midday.
At least two hours past midday,
no less.
I wish I knew where we are heading.
A good fellow on hitting town finds
An inn and a bar first of all.
While my crank never though of that.
Very well! He went off to pay visits!
We are told: "Serve your master with love"
And what about having some pity on servants?
What actually do I want from him?
Feed me and don't make me
work too much.
It would be nice to switch places
With my master.
He would be the servant
and me the master.
Doing business and having a nice time
I shall always remember my servant
I won't send him on various errands
First I'll tell him:
"Have breakfast, Rasponi"
Let there be war, duel,
Plague, love, fire or any other misfortune
I'll never forget the essential thing
I'll not forget to say to my servant:
"Have dinner, my friend!"
My house will be like heaven to him
He won't want another master.
Years will pas and on my deathbed
I'll say to him...
...go to have supper"
By God I can't go any further;
the weight's killing me.
Yonder's the inn! Onward, man, it's just
three more steps. Can't you do that?
I can, but no more than three.
Oh no, help!
I'm going to fall down.
- Why then did you take the job? You wretched
thing. - Oh, sir? May I be of assistance?
Oh, yes. Do please,
Carry this trunk.
Right. Give it to me. That's it.
Bravo! There! See? That's
Good work.
Each labors to the best of his ability.
He is stronger.
Signor, the trunk is already there!
Thanks. What about the inn?
A good place, sir. Soft beds,
clean glasses, and the kitchen!
Such a smell - what they call "a comfort
smell." I had a word with the waiter.
He is very polite.
- And what do you do?
- I'm a servant.
- From here in Venice? - Oh no.
I started out in Bergamo. Saint-Bergamo.
- Say, do you have a master now?
- Now? Now? You know...
Now? To tell you the truth,
at the moment I don't.
- What do you say if I hire you to be my
servant? - Your servant! Why not? How much?
- How much do you want?
- I'll be honest:
My last master gave me 12 lires
a month and all I could eat.
I can manage that.
- You could pay a bit more.
- How much more?
- A couple lires and other expenses.
- What expenses?
Well, sometimes I have to run errands.
Something and other.
All right, for something and the other.
So be it. I am yours to command.
- I want to make some inquiries about you.
- Oh, inquiries? That is easy.
You only have to go
to my beloved Bergamo
There everyone knows Truffaldino.
All right. You seem trustworthy to me.
I hire you.
- Shall we try?
- We shall, sir.
Your first errand will be to go to the post
office and inquire if there are any letters for
Florindo Aretusi from Turin and
if there are bring them here.
And you'll order dinner, sir?
Excellent. Bravo!
Funny fellow.
What a


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