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pardon, signor, but who are you?
Who are you?
Let me introduce myself.
I am Rasponi. Rasponi of Turin.
Signor? Forgive me, I...
I am speechless.
I'm happy to see you alive and well.
And after we had heard the sad news.
The story went I was killed, but thanks
to Heaven, I was only wounded.
Sir, I was told that you
No, not you, but signor Rasponi,
That you were dead!
He was dead.
And if you can't prove that you...
Than I shall...
I fully understand your qualms.
Allow me to present these letters from your
agents In Turin and from your own banker...
Open them, read, recognize the
Signature and rest assured that me is me.
Ah, Brighella!
Why, Good Sir,
don't I know you?
It was a while.
May be you remember me?
We met in Turin. I am Brighella?
Yes, of course! I do recognize you.
Whatever brings you to Venice,
my good and loyal friend?
- Don't spill the beans!
- Your secret's safe.
- Why, I run an inn, sir, in the town.
- Why, what a lucky coincidence:
I'll take a room at once!
Here... signor.
These letters introduce the person who carries
them as Signor Federigo Rasponi of Turin.
To disperse the last remnants of doubt signor
Brighella can attest that I am Rasponi.
- 10 gold coins.
- I can...
I can attest. That is true!
Well, if these letters and
Brighella too say that...
Please forgive me my doubts
Signor Rasponi.
- Please forgive me.
- It doesn't matter.
- Father, you mean he really is Federigo?
- Looks that way. He is alive!
Oh God! What shall I do?
Well, what do you say, my former matchmaker?
He is just on time. Very smart!
Sic transit Gloria (Thus passes earthly
glory). What the hell is he doing here.
You'll be mine! I'll save you!
Signor Silvio, signor Silvio,
I beg you, calm down!
- Calm down!
- Forward! Forward, forward!
- Who is this signora?
- This is my daughter.
- The one I'm engaged to?
- Yes, sir; the one you're engaged to.
- My regards, signora.
- Very glad.
- The welcome is on the frosty side.
- Forgive her. She takes
after me, she's very shy.
And who is this? Your relative?
Yes, yes. Of course, my relative.
My nephew.
No, not your nephew.
- I am the fiance of this signora.
- Yes!
What? You are engaged
to Signora Clarice?
That is strange.
She was promised to me.
- Let me explain it all to you.
- It's that way.
Believe me, dear signor. We thought
That a terrible misfortune befell you.
And since you are not alive
there can be no marriage.
That is why I had the right to promise
My daughter's hand to this signor. - Yes!
You can't blame me.
As for you, you are on time and
Haven't lost anything as yet.
Clarice is yours, if you wish,
I am a man of my word.
But I doubt that signor would like
To take as his wife
A signora who has given her
vow to another man. - Yes!
Don't worry, I am not too scrupulous.
I hope signora Clarice won't
Reject me?
Too late! Signora must
belong to me!
In case you wish to fight for her
Let a duel decide who gets her!
Just look at him! He'd rather
die than give her up!
Dearest signor, you are a little late.
My son must get married to the signora.
The law is clear on that point.
Do you happen to know "Dura lex sec lex"
(A severe law is still law)
- What?
- Whoever is first is right.
Why are you silent, signora?
I can only say that your arrival
Is my misfortune!
What? How dare you be so rude
To signor? - Signor, wait.
Don't be too strict on her. I know
For sure I'll win her over.
For now let's go and take care of the business
That was the reason for my coming here.
My balance is in order.
Get out of the way! Everybody!
Or my dagger
Shall make each of you tremble!
- Oh God, who could help us?
Get him! Tie him up!
Not me, him. Diabolo!
Please, let us go home.
He is out of his mind. He is so shaken!
His bride was given over to another man.
In his grief he seeks death.
So if I get it right
Your son is cuckolded?
Horns are blowing!
Damn Rasponi!


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