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Труффальдино из Бергамо

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Ignoti nullo culido
(Those who do not know love... )
You are right. You act wisely
My friend.
My most humble greetings,
ladies and gentlemen.
Why, what a fine, fine group, you are.
Who are you, my friend?
What is your business?
Who's the ripe, juicy, succulent lady?
Clarice, my daughter.
- My congratulations.
- And she is a bride.
Very glad. And who are you, signora?
Me? I am the lady's maid.
How wonderful!
Very glad.
- Nice to meet you, signor.
- That's enough.
Enough small talk! Now what do you want?
Who are you? Who sent you?
Hey, hold your horses.
Three questions at once? Give a poor guy
a chance to answer them.
I suspect he is just a scoundrel!
No, I believe he is a joker!
- Are you also a bride, my beauty?
- No, not yet.
Look, you want to tell me who you are
or will you leave this house?
Well, if that's all you care about,
I'll tell you: I am a servant of my master.
Wait, wait! So who is your master from abroad?
He does have a name, doesn't he? - Yes!
Oh God! So many questions!
My master is Signor Rasponi.
Federigo Rasponi.
He sends his regards. And he's come
to see you. And he's downstairs.
He sent me to ask
if he can come up.
And he's waiting for the answer!
Is that enough?
Or do you want to know more?
So, getting back to what I was saying...
No, wait. Talk to me first!
What the hell are you talking about?
You want to know my name?
I am Truffaldino from Bergamo,
- Here comes another jester. There are
so many of them around. - Yes.
I don't care who you are.
Say your master's name again.
Poor old guy... deaf as a post.
My master is Signor Federigo...
- Rasponi...
- Rasponi!
- Of Turin.
- Of Turin!
- He's come to...
- Go away!
- But why?
- Because you are crazy.
- Signor Rasponi...
- Rasponi.
- Of Turin...
- Of Turin.
- Is dead!
- Dead, dead.
- What do you mean dead?
- Dead. There's nothing we can do about it.
Well, well, the master is dead.
What a pity.
When I left him downstairs
he was very much alive.
Wait! Wait!
He's dead. He sure is dead.
- Is he really dead?!
- Really dead.
Definitely dead. No doubt.
Madonna! How can it be?
Perhaps he ate something?
Farewell. I'll go
see for myself.
Well, what do you say he is?
A con-man or an idiot?
Analytically speaking, he
Must be both.
Ungvibus et rostro
(By any means)
But what about all this
Federigo business?
It's too bad if it is true.
It doesn't matter any more
if he is dead or alive!
You behave in a strange way.
It is not nice to fool a stranger.
I thought you were nice people
I might call you to answer for this.
I told you he was mad.
- What is it, my friend? Who offended you?
- You all did.
You told me my poor signor Rasponi
was dead. - And so?
So? Alive and kicking!
- Signor Rasponi?
- Yes, signor Rasponi.
- What? Federigo?
- Federigo in person.
- Rasponi of Turin?
- Of Turin, of Turin.
My dear fellow, go to the hospital
At once. You are mad.
- You yourself are...
- Get him out of here!
Wait a moment! Let him call the gentleman
He calls Federigo.
- All right! Go bring the man
risen from the dead! - Sure!
He might well be risen from the dead.
That is none of my business.
But at present he is alive as you'll see!
We'll have time to chat later, signorina.
My darling, I am so scared.
Don't be afraid. Whatever happened
you are mine forever!
- That is all nonsense and lies.
- It is.
Here comes some scoundrel and disturbs
Everybody with his tales!
My dear friend, as I've already
told you I knew Federigo personally.
- They won't deceive me!
- Signor.
I must tell you at once
that the kindnesses
to which I had become accustomed via
our friendly correspondence is,
I fear, ill-matched in this, the treatment
to which I have been subjected today.
Having sent my servant to you, I had expected,
a quick and eager welcoming response,
only to find I had been relegated
to the street below without invitation!
Труффальдино из Бергамо Труффальдино из Бергамо

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