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the things in both trunks
And feared that he would be sacked
So he asked me to think of something.
I invented the story about this book
About my master drowning.
I tried to take the blame upon myself.
Right now I told that signor
That it all was my fault!
- Why did you take all the blame
upon yourself? - I swear to God
only out of love for Pasquale.
- I entreat you to forgive him.
- Forgive whom?
You are both scoundrels!
One of us sure is.
Let them be!
They did it all without malice.
They should both be punished,
But we are so happy, let's forgive them.
Where is he?
I believe signor will now
Pay a visit to signor Pantalone.
- So what?
- I have a favour to ask you.
- What are you asking, Truffaldino?
- Signor, me too, I am in love.
- You're in love? Really?
- Absolutely.
She served in Pantalone's house
And so I am asking you
- But what has I got to do with it?
- Well, nothing of course
but you would do me a great favour if
you could talk to signor Pantalone.
Does the girl love you?
Of course she does.
What else can she do?
All right, I'll tell him.
O Venice, a fairy town,
You've been built for joy.
You bestow love on all
those who are young
To all those who are
in love you give happiness.
- I've found you!
- I've found you!
It's such a nice day!
There never was a brighter day!
Give me your hand, signora Clarice.
It's yours forever.
I love me, my Beatrice!
I love you, Florindo, I do!
Anybody will enjoy such a sight.
To tell the truth,
we are no less beautiful.
I love you endlessly!
I swear to be always faithful to you!
Let love never desert
your young hot hearts.
No more grief and suffering
Here is a happy ending.
- It looks like everyone is happy now!
- It does.
- Not everyone, signor.
- What?
- Oh yes.
- Exactly.
Forgive me, signor, but I would like
To ask you a favour.
I am at your service.
My servant asks your permission
To get married to one of your maids.
Oh, another fiance! He is cute.
I'd like to get just
one glimpse of him.
- I have no objections.
- Me too.
But what about the girl?
If I were sure that
this marriage
will be a success.
What is your servant like?
He seems to be honest and able.
I was about to marry Smeraldina to
Sognora Beatrice's servant.
Surely now I let you do as you like.
Oh in that case I withdraw my proposal.
You candidate seems more appropriate.
On no account! Let your proposal
be the only one, signor.
- I beg you to go on with
your arrangements. - I won't.
You are so considerate but I've already made
up my mind that my servant won't get married!
But if yours doesn't get married
I won't allow another do it either!
At least we will be quits.
That's it. Because of the masters' ceremonies
I am not getting any husband at all!
Let's settle it somehow.
Signors, just look at the young lady.
It's painful to look at her!
- She wants to get married and you
just keep talking. - I won't agree
to let her have my servant!
I am of the same opinion concerning mine.
I make the way for your servant.
That's some nice business.
The masters are playing patty-cake,
and I'm standing here without a wife!
- Please, go ahead.
- Please, do go ahead.
- No, you go ahead.
- No, you.
- No, you go ahead.
- Let me...
Let me say a word. I'll settle everything.
Signor requested the hand
of Smeraldina for his servant?
Yes, you heard everything
with your own ears, Truffaldino!
And you acted on behalf
of signora Beatrice's servant?
So be it.
Give me your hand, Smeraldina.
What have you got to do with it?
Since I serve both signor and signora.
Both of them.
- What a scoundrel!
- What a rogue!
- You mean to say you served us both?!
- Well?
I did. I won't deny it. But I seem
To have been doing everything well.
If there was some mix-up
There never was any evil intention.
Just think how much diligence,
What is it? You are having fun.
I got you!

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