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you knew who the one from Turin is
You wouldn't be saying such things.
Damn him whoever he is!
Once your daughter had time to
- Listen he is
- Enough! I don't want to listen!
- You don't want to listen? As you wish.
- Let's wait and see.
Si vis pacem para bellum (who wants
peace must prepare for war).
You have no right to talk
that way about a girl!
- Go to hell!
- Go to hell yourself!
Shameless, unfeeling scoundrel!
Damn you!
Greetings to signor Silvio!
I wish I could pierce him
with my sword.
- Let me tell you good news.
- What is it?
I want to inform you that the wedding
of my daughter Clarice and Rasponi
has been called off!
- I sit true?
- I swear it is so!
If you wish my daughter
will become your wife!
I am so happy! You are bringing
Me back to life!
But still how can I approach her
When she was so intimate with another man?
I'll tell you in short that signor
Rasponi has all of a sudden
turned into his sister Beatrice!
I don't get it.
Silly head! He is not him.
He is a woman! See?
- In man's clothes?
- Yes!
Oh Madonna!
- Now I see!
- Thank God.
- Father!
- My son!
I am so happy!
You've brought me back to life!
Where is my Clarice?
I'll hurry to see her!
Quicker! Quicker!
I am so glad!
Madonna! Is there no justice?
So much grief for me alone!
I've just lost my dearest brother
And another loss so soon!
Oh Madonna! Florindo is no more!
What wrong have I done to deserve it?
How can I live without love and hope?
I don't know.
Oh Madonna, I curse life itself!
Oh, Madonna! There is no more
sun in the sky for me.
I dreamt and prayed in vain.
Only the flames of hell
will dry me tears.
Oh Madonna, accept my soul!
- Beatrice!
- Oh my beloved.
- Why did you want to die?
- I got news that you were dead.
- Who told you so?
- My servant.
So did mine.
Hey, people, who is there?
- What do you desire?
- Where are our servants?
- Signor, I don't know, but I can look
for them. - Please, send them here.
I know only one of them, but I'll tell
my servants they probably know both.
Let me congratulate you heartily!
I would very much regret burying you.
Do kiss as much as you like,
But please choose another place to die.
I keep my inn for the living!
- We probably were supposed to suffer.
- But what shall we do now?
There is no way we can return to Turin now.
We both will be arrested immediately.
My dear, no more sad thoughts. You are alive,
we are together! We'll think of something.
So, for now here is one of them. Take him.
We'll go and look for the other.
- We mast have them both.
- Where is the other?
- I don't know. Probably in the kitchen.
- Let's go look for him.
Let me say something to you.
I'll tell you the whole truth!
I've got absolutely nothing to do with it all.
It's all Pasquale's fault. Their servant's.
While I was out he mixed up the trunks
And begged me to save him.
I'll do anything for a friend.
So I lied to get Pasquale out of trouble.
I never thought you would get so upset
Learning that some other person was dead.
That's it. I swear to God.
- You mean Pasquale is signora's servant?
- Exactly.
- Why did you not say so?
- He begged me not to tell you.
- Pasquale?
- Yes.
- And you dared hide it from me? - Believe
me, it was out of pure love for Pasquale!
You both should be thrashed!
The long interrogation
is not yet over?
- I know all the details now.
- I beg you, please save Pasquale!
If you wish, do punish me, but
me alone. Don't harm Pasquale.
- Do you love Pasquale so? - Very much!
I love him like a brother, like a father!
Now I'll tell signora that it all was my
fault, that I am to blame. Let her punish me!
Let her beat me up,
but I'll save Pasquale.
He is a kind guy.
- What have you been telling
this signor so long? - I'll explain
everything to you signorina.
This signor has got a servant.
His name is Pasquale.
He is a unique fool
A real blockhead!
He mixed up


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