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disgrace your master.
Fool. Idiot! Lump!
Now it's me who'll
Give you a thrashing.
Truly I serve two masers and
Get my pay from both!
Soon it'll be midnight in Venice
The dreamy stones are becoming cold.
I've been waiting for you so long
In the small boat under your window.
Let me have your smile as a present
I shall give you a worthy reward
I'll get moonlight from the sea
And place it at your beautiful feet!
The moon is sailing over the sea.
Soon it'll be midnight,
the time for love
If night wind...
...is still blowing
I'll wrap you in a coat
Of my kisses.
What a handsome man.
The face seems familiar,
He looks like my master.
The one that is sleeping.
But no, it's some one else. The wig
And dress are totally different.
Hey, Truffaldino!
Damn. He did wake up after all.
I am here.
Hey, Truffaldino!
Hey, Truffaldino!
- Hey, Truffaldino!
- Yes?
What the hell are you doing here?
You told me yourself to
Air your clothes.
That's what I am doing.
- Whose trunk is this?
- No idea. Perhaps it's our neighbour's?
Give me my suit, quick.
And what's this?
Incredible! My portrait!
I gave it to Beatrice as a memory.
How did it get here?
Oh, sir, forgive me.
I must confess, it is mine.
- I value it and I hid it in your trunk.
- How did you get it?
I inherited it from a certain signor
Who died quite suddenly
And left various trifles to me.
Among them was this portrait.
- Madonna mia!
When did you former master die?
I'd say a week ago.
What was his name?
- I don't recall. He lived under an
assumed name. - My God! An assumed name!
- Tell me, was your master young?
- Yes.
- Where from?
- Where was he from?
He told me, but I forgot.
- May be Turin? - Exactly.
I remember he mentioned Turin.
Tell me, are you absolutely sure
He is dead?
No mistake.
My God!
It's all over!
Beatrice is dead.
The poor thing could not
stand the suffering!
It happened so quickly.
She is no more.
I can't live with this!
What's wrong with him? He is crying.
Seems like all hell is crazy
About this portrait.
He must have known the man.
Hey, Truffaldino!
- Hey, Truffaldino!
- Here I am.
- Have you got the keys to the trunk?
- I have. I always carry them.
- What did you place my trunk here for?
- To air your clothes.
- Are you through?
- Yes.
- Open it. And whose trunk is this?
- It belong to a visiting signor.
- Get out the book. It is under
the dress in the trunk. - This one?
No, not his one.
- My God! It's queer.
- What's wrong? Are you OK?
I am all right.
Tell me, Truffaldino, how did
this book get into my trunk?
- No idea.
- Tell me the truth!
Signor, please forgive me, but
it was I who put it into your trunk.
I was afraid to lose it. It's mine.
Why are you giving me the wrong book?
Didn't you recognize your own book?
It has become mine only recently.
I couldn't recognize it at once.
How did you get it?
I served a certain signor,
Who died not long ago.
So he willed me this book
When did he die?
10 days ago.
Tell me, Truffaldion, do you remember
His name? Was it Florindo?
Florindo. That's right, signor.
It was Florindo.
And his surname? Was it Aretusi?
Yes, yes. I remember it was Aretusi.
Are you certain he died?
That's right.
Absolutely right.
- How did he die? Where is he buried?
- You see
He fell into the canal. Perished.
Was never seen since.
My God!
Florindo is dead!
The only man I ever loved!
This now
- A woman?!
- She is.
- Well now!
- Incredible.
Could you believe it?
Looks like now instead
of two masters
I have a little less
One master
And one mistress.
My salutations, dear.
You bow to me? I am surprised.
I have news for you,
Perhaps you want to tell me about the
Wedding? To hell with the wedding!
- Forget your anger. I want to tell you...
- Speak up, damn you.
If you wish, the wedding
may take place!
Thanks a lot. No need to worry.
My son has got a weak stomach,
Let the guy from Turin have your daughter.

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