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here from
my mistress for signor Federigo
But since I did not dare come in myself
I decided to call you outside.
Well, I'll give him the note.
But I must tell you that I too have
An errand for you, signora.
- Can you tell me, whose order it is?
- It's from a certain signor.
- Tell me, do you know
signor Truffaldino? - No.
- He knows you.
- Well...
The name sounds familiar.
But I can't place him.
He is a handsome guy.
Not tall, but very witty
And speaks well.
More over he is a master
of ceremonies.
- I don't know anybody like that.
- But he knows you and loves you.
- You want to make fun of me?
- Not in the least, signora.
If he had the slightest hope
He would make his feelings known.
Well, if I should find him attractive
I won't refuse to get to know him
- Well.
- Well.
- I can call him now. Would you
like me to? - Do, please.
He is gone. So it was not him?
That's something I don't
understand at all.
- Did you see him?
- See whom?
- The one who is madly in love with you.
- There was no one but you.
- So you are the one in question?
- Yes, that's me.
Why didn't you confess
your feelings to me at once?
I am shy
And I was never in love.
You embarrass me.
I am a bit shy too.
Two shy people could make
A happy couple!
We are so similar.
Our docile temper is well known
If we can't find an understanding
Shame on us!
We've found each other,
I don't want any other destiny.
If I am not an exemplary husband
I'll be damned.
Only a stone could fail to respond
To such words.
Your words make me feel
Like I were in heaven!
My face burns.
Neither wind, nor snow can cool it.
Shyness shall not
Prevent our happiness.
Our marriage will be mutually
We won't be shy all the time.
If a single day passes
without an embrace
We'll die of shame.
We are overly shy,
We can make a lot of mistakes.
We'll be ashamed to have
Less than ten children.
We'll be ashamed to have
Less than ten children.
Are you a virgin?
- What a question?!
- Meaning "no"
- Meaning "yes"! - I understand.
This takes care of the formalities.
- Give me the letter. I'll be right back.
- Take it...
- Do you know what is in it?
- I don't know but I am curious.
What if there's something awful on the
letter? I don't want to get into trouble.
I have got to know what they write to him
about. Otherwise I can't give him the letter.
It can be sealed afterwards!
I know how to do it.
No one can tell.
- Then open it. We'll learn everything
at once. - Be more careful.
Don't worry. I know
A wonderful secret.
- The letter becomes as good as new.
- Read it.
Better you read it.
You'll manage better.
The mistress's handwriting
is so illegible.
- I can't make out anything either.
- Why did you open it then?
Oh you bastard! I'll get you!
- You won't with your rheumatism
- Oh
- Why did you open my letter?
- I don't know. It was Smeraldina's fault.
What has Smeraldina got to do with it?
It was you!
Two letters in one day! Scoundrel!
Come here.
Come, come.
Pray, sir, why shout like this.
Why? Why?!
That's why, bastard!
Good! Once again!
More, more! Thank you!
More, more!
Now let me do it myself!
That's it! That's it!
Gratitude for all the good things!
Thank you!
That's it!
Damn you!
What meanness!
Beating such a man with a stick
If you don't like your servant,
discharge him!
Hey, Truffaldino, what did you say?
It is mean to beat with
a stick another man's servant!
It's an offence for the master
whom I serve so selflessly.
That's right, Truffaldino.
That's an insult to me.
- Who beat you up?
- I don't know myself!
- What did he beat you for! - For
trifles! I accidentally spat on his shoe.
- So you allowed him to beat you like that?
- So you allowed him to beat you like that!
- You never even tried to defend yourself?
- You never even tried to defend yourself?
- Your behaviour insulted me.
- Your behaviour insulted me.

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