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way we won't get anything right.
Attention! I place 5 dishes.
Here in the middle we have soup.
Meat goes here.
Fried meat on this side.
Gravy here.
And here goes the dish
That I don't know the name of.
OK. Did I lay the table well?
You did, only the gravy
Is too far from meat!
I'll take the liberty to assure you
That you counted those mirrors
and wax two times.
Might be, we'll have to check it up.
All the accounts are here.
We'll move it closer!
Hey, Truffaldino, what's
Going on here?
- I mark the placement of dishes.
- And what's this? Some papers?
- Oh damn, I forgot.
- This is my check!
- Forgive me. It was my fault.
I'll fix it. - Fix it!
Just see, dear Pantalone,
what he's done to your check!
Well, this is can be helped easily. I'll
right out another check for you. Come here.
It's all because Brighella
doesn't know how to lay a table.
- He wants to do everything his own way!
- I just know how to do it!
- Get out.
- It's important to lay the table!
- I said get out!
- Get out.
Serving at table is very important.
I won't delegate it to any one.
Because I know. Yes!
Where, what and when!
Signor Brighella, what about lunch?
5 dishes and two course have been ordered.
You'll have to wait.
What 5 dishes? No ceremonies, please.
I'd gladly have some meatballs.
So you'll serve us meatballs and
Whatever else you find appropriate.
Yes, sir. This way, please.
I'll tell them to serve lunch.
Please, tell Truffaldino
to come and wait on us.
- I will this minute.
- Thank you.
Pray forgive the quality of lunch.
That's all right, dear signor Rasponi,
Your hospitality is comforting to me
I'm still a little shaky from
this morning's events.
Hadn't you showed up just in time
The madman would have killed me!
I am glad I could be
of service to you.
Hey, Truffaldino, hurry up our lunch!
Go on and we'll watch
Be as quick as you may
You can't serve two
Hungry masters!
But I can!
Let's wait and see.
- I am stubborn
- Let's wait and see.
I am Truffaldino of Bergamo!
Right you are,
You are a braggart from Bergamo!
- Where are you taking this dish?
- I am serving it.
- For whom?
- For you.
- How come when I am not here yet?
- I saw you through the window.
Then why do you begin with the second
course? Where is the soup?
According to their custom they always
Eat soup towards the end of dinner.
- I am accustomed to a different order.
Serve me soup and take this back
to the kitchen. - Yes, sir.
- And hurry, bring me everything!
- Just a moment.
Yes, you are right.
You are a braggart of Bergamo.
Hey guys! Lunch for that signor!
Just look at him! That's something!
Let's see if the swindler can serve
Dinner for two parties
And lose nothing.
But I can!
That depends.
- But I am stubborn
- So what?
I am Truffaldino of Bergamo!
Yes, you are right, you are
A stubborn guy of Bergamo!
Be you stubborn as a hundred donkeys
You can't be on time everywhere.
You'll get out of breath
serving at two tables
And break a lot of pottery!
But I can!
That depends.
- I am stubborn
- So what?
I am Truffaldino of Bergamo!
Yes, you are right.
You are a braggart of Bergamo.
Wait! Wait, wait!
Yes, you are right!
- I am Truffaldino of Bergamo!
- You're Truffaldino of Bergamo!
I managed to do everything
and everybody is content.
I managed to serve two masters
And none of them suspected anything.
So, if I managed to work for two
I'll eat for four today.
Hey, anyone there?
Are you looking for me, signora?
Yes, for you, signor.
Sorry to trouble you.
- That's all right, I'll listen to you.
- You seem to be having lunch.
- Yes, I was just having lunch when
you called. - I am so sorry really.
But I assure you...
I am... I am happy.
To tell the truth I am fed up
While your eyes are like pudding to me.
- Pudding, an angelic dish.
- Is it really?
I'll place a bottle here...
Now I am all yours...
My darling.
- Darling?
I've brought this note

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