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you, signora, you are too polite with
him. I am not sure he really loves you.
And if so... he doesn't deserve
to be loved! Let's go home.
Let's go home! There are
lots of men on earth!
I can easily find a dozen
of them for you!
Ungrateful man! So it is true that it makes
no difference to you if I am alive or dead!
But bare in mind that I'll still die,
I'll die of undeserved suffering!
Some day people will learn that
I died innocent.
But it'll be too late to repent!
You'll come to my grave
To grieve for your loss...
But I won't come out to you
Any more!
Now I don't get it:
A girl is on the point of killing herself,
and you stand there watching and waiting.
Are you crazy? You don't really think
she was going to stab herself?
If I hadn't showed up,
she'd be gone now.
That's too much! She was far from it!
All women know how to pretend!
Better watch yourself.
We only talk, but you do business!
You are the source of all evil
and all slander!
You always say spiteful things about women
While you keep silent about men's doings!
If I had the power
I would issue and order
That all unfaithful men
should carry a green branch
then all towns would become
lush green gardens!
Beyond any doubt Clarice is unfaithful
My bride was alone with him!
I strive for revenge, and that type
from Turin shall soon find his grave
Otherwise I, otherwise I...
Otherwise I shall dep...
I shall depart this world forever.
Otherwise I shall depart
this world forever!
Hey, Truffaldino!
Hey, Truffaldino!
- Hey, Truffaldino!
- Truffaldino!
- Truffaldino!
- Truffaldino!
Hey, Truffaldino!
Hey, Truffaldino!
Hey, Truffaldino!
Hey, Truffaldino! Lazybones!
Hey, Truffaldino!
Hey, Truffaldino!
Hey, Truffaldino!
Did you find Pasquale? Where is he?
I thought I was supposed
to look for him after lunch, signor.
I have no time for dinner,
I have some urgent business.
Clean my clothes and have dinner yourself.
You are the master,
it's for you to decide.
If I am not back for dinner you'll find me
In the Cathedral square. I'll be there.
And find Pasquale!
Take this and lock it in the trunk.
Come here, my friend.
- Truffaldino.
- Damn.
I am here, sir!
Did signor Pantalone give you
A hundred gold ducats for me?
- Yes, I got the money.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Was it for you?
- For whom else? What did he tell you?
- He told me to hand it over to my master.
- Fine. So who is your master?
- You are. - Then why did you ask
if the money was mine?
So it appears to be yours.
- Here is a bank check, put it in the
trunk. - Yes, sir. This minute.
- Is Brighella here?
- He is at home.
Tel him I am expecting a guest for lunch,
Let him prepare some nice food.
How many dishes would you like?
I suppose signor Pantalone, modest
as he is, will have five or six.
- But the best ones. Tell Brighella...
- Don't worry. Everything will be all right.
First course, we shall have soup.
Then something for the second course
Then boiled meat and a fricandeau.
I know the first three, but what
was the one you named last?
It's French. With gravy...
That tastes very good.
French? Right. And then?
Then salad, meat pie and a pudding.
What? What did you say?
- Pudding.
- Sorry...
I said pudding. An English dish.
- They are no angels. Common people
- Not "angelic". A dish that the English like.
Oh, the English! I understand.
Now tell me, how shall we
Set the table?
- Don't worry about that, the servant
will see to it. - It's not that simple.
That's a subtle business.
I shall myself attend to it. It is very
important to serve the table well!
Well... Well, the soup
May be placed here.
The second course goes over here.
And fricandeau here.
- And what will be in the middle?
- Let's place gravy in the middle.
God forbid, my dear friend! You can't
place gravy in the middle, barbarian!
You place soup in the middle!
- Meat will be here and gravy - there.
- God forbid! Never!

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