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done everything to overcome
our aggressive instincts,
but if I have to put up
with these people's bestiality
it doesn't mean
I don't scorn and despise it.
So, did you work well?
Are you pleased with yourselves?
What are you doing standing around?
Yes, but I...
No! I beg you!
Are you Waga?
I want to see one of the ladies
of the court.
I really can't offer you any of them.
You'll have to make do
with this one here.
He means Okana.
Why is she at court and not me.
What does she have that I don't?
Hey, innkeeper, I've got a raging thirst...
and I want something decent to eat.
Bring me your best, and no spitting.
This grey rabble.
Is anywhere free from this vermin?
How can you let this rabble spread so?
I'll tell you why they're here.
You put up with them
because you're afraid. That's why.
Yes, you're shit-scared. And you are too.
What's that drunkard on about?
Someone's put a pile of shit
in a captain's uniform.
Oh, come on, then!
That was good.
You deal with them.
I'll take care of this lot!
Pity the baroness can't see this.
I can keep this up for hours!
Why don't you cut off his head?
Get out of here.
I can't restrain him for much longer.
- Let them go.
- Why?
None of this rabble
will get out of here alive!
Baron, this sword was forged
for more noble purposes.
But it's the only one I've got.
We won't forget that!
What is it? Serve our guests. Come on!
Fill our glasses and bring us
something good to eat. Your best.
Your drinks, sire.
You can fight. I've never seen the like.
Who are you?
Rumata of Estoria.
You're not Rumata.
He was my best friend.
He died at my side on a hunt
in the Swamps of Soan.
I know, but keep that to yourself.
Whoever fights as you do
is my brother.
- To Baron Pampa!
- To Rumata of Estoria!
Let it bleed well.
It's for the baron and his guest.
Hard to believe
we were once like that too.
I'll bet he even likes it.
- How is it? Do you like it?
- Delicious. Excellent.
So, Rumata, what do you think
of these women?
They're nice girls.
You don't know the baroness.
You must meet the baroness.
Then you won't look at these cows
any more.
Not this rabble again!
Excuse me, Baron.
I have some royal business to attend to.
I pity you. I wouldn't want to be
at anyone's beck and call.
What is it?
On Reba's orders, I had Okana
sent to the Tower of Joy two hours ago.
She was charged with espionage.
She held on to her hope right to the end
that you would stand by her.
I understand.
- I was powerless.
- I've been ordered to show her to you.
Come and sit with me, brother.
Let us eat and drink. Forget your worries.
Drink with me.
You clearly have some enemies.
People you hate so much
that you would like to kill them.
I can see it in your eyes.
You're a friend.
My sword is always at your disposal.
I'll cut this pack to pieces.
Baron, you're a guinea pig!
- What? I'm a pig?
- I have to constantly observe you.
They sit up there and instruct me
to observe you.
One night I saw a dragon.
It flew over me with a great roar.
But the baroness didn't think
it was a dragon.
She said I shouldn't drink so much.
The next time you see a dragon
in the sky, ride after it.
You'll have quite a surprise.
All right! I'm on my way!
We could drink all night long
but we should sleep before the battle.
- Not a drop of wine before the fight.
- Bruno!
- Make up a bed for the baron.
- A bed! Why do I need a bed?
A brave warrior's bed
is on the battlefield.
The warhorse is ready for action!
Where is Kyra?
Now I have eaten and drunk like you.
Now I'm one of you.
Where are the bloody tablets?
Anton, calm down.
Why should I calm down? I am calm,
but everyone I get in touch with gets killed.
Even when someone is tortured, I'm calm.
When someone is quartered, I even clap.
You're letting yourself go.
Yes, I'm drunk and I'm angry.
You can talk, up there.
You're watching me all the time, secretly.
Secretly? We're doing our

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