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Трудно быть богом

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Watch out!
Follow me.
To the castle.
You're supposed to pray, not to fight.
Women are to be respected.
Now I'll impale you, ugly toad.
- God's second eye is opening.
- What are you rambling on about?
I asked the Lord for a sign. There it is.
He has furnished it. There.
He has answered his servant's prayers.
Pray to God to give thanks.
He has answered my prayers.
Thank God for his mercy.
Thank you, Lord,
for your immeasurable kindness.
You have saved me from certain death.
We should reveal ourselves.
Perhaps we can ease their future.
- We must step before them.
- We know we can't help them, Alexander.
More than a thousand years separate us.
We can't suppress all human feelings.
We aren't gods.
Admittedly, we helped some inhabitants
of the planet and made mistakes.
It's not about the inhabitants of the planet
but about our own future.
We wanted to find out who we really are.
So you confronted us
with this archaic world
in order to explore
whether we really have evolved.
We wanted to know
whether we can create our own destiny
or whether we are
inescapably bound to our past.
So? Do we have a future?
We don't know yet, but at any moment,
we can fall back into an era of darkness,
irrationality and barbarianism.
This is the result of our observations.
So we were the object of your studies.
Yes, Alexander, it was you,
representatively for all of us.
- The Lord has forgiven us.
- Return to Reba.
And you accuse me of intervening.
Pampa! No!
I know how much I owe you.
Farewell, my friend.
Rumata, he's up there.
- Rumata, kill him!
- God has delivered the enemy to you.
He is right in your midst. Slay him.
He cannot harm you. He must not kill.
Make way, or I'll chop you to pieces.
He must not kill.
He does not have any special powers.
You're mistaken. I shall kill you now.
How? No lance, no arrow can reach this far,
only your tongue.
You will die. God is on my side.
Lord, help me destroy my enemies.
I have done everything for you.
I have purged your land of filth.
I have punished the sinners
who interfere with your order.
Lord, let me finish my work.
I am your Minister Supreme.
Rumata is our god.
Be merciful, Rumata.
It's Suren, the rebel. Slay him.
Hatches have been opened for deployment
of sleeping gas. Coordinates 117.24.96.
There you are at last.
You might have helped us before.
Трудно быть богом

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