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Трудно быть богом

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Everyone has a goal.
Why don't we just work together?
Side by side.
You want to frighten me.
All right, so I'm afraid.
Maybe you're the son of Alzar the Sinister,
arisen from the depths of darkness.
Maybe you come from a distant,
all-powerful land.
People say that they exist.
My head is spinning,
and I can feel myself lapsing into heresy.
I'm beginning to think forbidden thoughts.
What did I tell you? Nobody is invulnerable.
This poison kills everyone.
Guards, retrieve his body.
This way.
Lock all the exits of the palace.
Reach into my boot.
There's a remedy inside.
Tear it open.
Hold still.
Look in all the rooms, warriors.
He can't be far.
When you find him,
take his body to the abbot.
Rumata. Rumata.
You mustn't fall asleep.
You'll never wake up again.
You told me about the light in the dark
that must never expire. Can you hear me?
Yes, I can hear you.
Help me.
This corridor takes you
straight to the tower.
Thank you.
Go back to your hiding place now.
- Am I king now?
- Yes, but you mustn't be seen yet.
First of all, I'll chop off Reba's head.
No, no. Leave that to me.
My noble friend,
how wonderful that I have finally found you.
I was told that you had been arrested.
Now we'll straighten out this place.
Cowardly toad.
Back me up. I'll be right back.
Where's Budach?
- Get us out of here.
- Budach, can you hear me?
Are you Budach?
At last I have found you.
I am Rumata of Estoria.
You have nothing to fear from me.
I'll get you out of here.
Cowardly rabble. I'll squash you like toads.
Watch out, Baron.
Swallow this. It'll make you feel better.
Don't worry.
No shilly-shallying.
Hurry up, we've got to get out of here.
Here's something to wear.
You're right. It would be unseemly
to appear naked before the baroness.
That bastard's got my sword.
Shouldn't I escort you further?
Just ride home
and give my kind regards to the baroness.
Come and visit me.
The Baroness will like you.
- I assume he's riding to the old temple.
- We must notify Alexander.
What do you as a scholar think
about the terrible events in Arkanar?
I'm a doctor, but I would kill Reba.
If you had the chance to improve the world,
what would you change?
The world is perfect.
How could I change that which is perfect?
Individuals desire changes, of course,
and the events in Arkanar are terrible,
but what would be the point
of a tree complaining that it can't run,
though it would probably be happy
if it could escape the woodman's axe?
You can hear the screams
of the tortured everywhere.
You live in a world full of poverty,
ignorance and suffering.
Let's assume that you could
offer God a piece of advice.
God doesn't need any advice.
If you had the competence of a God,
what would you change
in order to improve the fate of mankind?
You have a fertile imagination.
Very well, then, if you so desire.
I would say to the creator,
"Give us bread, meat and wine.
"Give us shelter and clothing to put an end
to the misery which divides mankind."
The strong would soon
rob the weak of all God gave them.
The weak would then be as poor as before.
I would ask the creator to stop people
from stealing from each other.
I'm not sure if that would be good.
If they get everything without effort,
they become lazy
and lose their taste for life.
But there is another possibility.
I could ask of the creator,
"Ordain that mankind will love
work and knowledge above all,
"that wisdom becomes
their sole reason for being."
Yes, well, you could do that,
but wouldn't that be
like wiping this mankind from the Earth
and creating another in its place?
Then I would say, "Please, Lord,
remove us from the face of the Earth
"and create us anew -
more peaceful, better and more truthful."
Something like that has been tried before.
- Where was that?
- In another land, far away from here.
We abolished violence because
we would have destroyed ourselves.
Every act of
Трудно быть богом Трудно быть богом

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