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Трудно быть богом

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enjoys your favour too,
- so please understand my hesitation.
- Don't be concerned,
he only gets aroused when he hears
the screams of the tortured.
So he greatly appreciates it,
if I accompany him.
Be on your guard against him.
You have access to the Tower of Joy...
a renowned scholar has disappeared
on the way to Arkanar.
- Why are you telling me this?
- I want to find him
but the grey soldiers
may have already seized him.
Oh, so you're here
because you need my help.
Yes. I'm very worried about this scholar.
His name is Budach.
I thought you desired me.
Any other man would kiss my feet
for a look from me.
Men have forfeited their lives,
losing their minds for a look from me.
And you just want me
to find this old scholar.
You... you promised me things
and then broke your promise.
You're making fun of me.
You misunderstand. Forgive me.
I do desire you.
Show me you do.
Take off your clothes.
You can keep your boots on.
Sorry, this is all new territory for me.
Do you like it?
Wait and you'll be thrilled.
Take me.
I'm yours.
They're like animals.
Not like animals.
Rumata! Rumata!
Reba! Reba!
The grey soldiers
have surrounded the pleasure garden.
- They'll be here any moment!
- Go! Reba mustn't see you here.
I'll find your scholar if he's in the tower.
Thank you, noble Okana,
but I don't want to ask that of you.
- I'll soon have done with Reba.
- They're at the door!
- Can I contact you?
- At the lower city inn. They know me.
- Who can I talk to there?
- Ask for Waga. I can trust him.
- He's unconscious.
- His protection is active.
He'll soon come round.
Help us! Please, help me!
Help us!
What a pleasant surprise.
What brings you here?
- I just wanted to look around.
- With pleasure. It would be an honour.
- Do you know why they're screaming?
- They won't tell the truth.
And they regret it.
Power stems from truth.
Without truth you cannot govern.
Would you like to scream like that too?
I'd like to go now.
Then you must tell me the truth.
Who instructed you to come here?
Rumata of Estoria
He's looking for the scholar, Budach.
He forced me to.
Then have a good look round.
Perhaps you'll find the scholar.
Go on, take a look around.
You haven't seen the best part yet.
In there! Enjoy yourself.
No! Please, no. I'm afraid.
There's only one thing
you need fear - me.
That one. That one.
And that one.
One's risen from the dead!
- Who are you?
- I'm the worker, Bagir.
- What are you doing up there?
- I'm building a tower.
And you, what are you doing
down there?
I was just resting.
What do you want to do with this tower
when it's finished?
A tube will be fixed to this arm.
It will strengthen man's vision.
You can see the stars close up
through this tube.
If God had wanted us to see the stars
close up, he'd have given us better eyes.
Why are you wearing those robes?
If God hadn't wanted you to be naked
he'd have given you fur.
He wants to look into God's face.
The wrath of God will destroy you
if you don't stop him.
Misery will blight this land.
God cast his second eye upon Arkanar,
and then averted his gaze
because he saw sinners like you.
God doesn't have eyes,
not one or two.
- He doesn't need any.
- What you're saying is sacrilege!
- God doesn't want you looking at him.
- What you believe is wrong.
God doesn't have a mouth
or a nose or eyes.
He's not a miserable-Iooking
figure like you.
- Where is this tube that you spoke of?
- The inventor wanted to bring it here.
- Where is he?
- He should be here by now.
Maybe he's still looking
for transparent stones.
Will you stop, you devils?
Can't you see I'm talking?
Good luck, Bagir. Take care.
It is said this is where the gods came down
and caused the hills to move.
- How do you know that?
- The shepherds saw it.
It was night.
God had opened his second eye.
There was a shining light
brighter than daylight.
Everyone who saw
Трудно быть богом Трудно быть богом

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