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Трудно быть богом

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everything about him.
Rumata of Estoria. I have found it.
- You need a residence permit here.
- A residence permit?
The security minister made this rule.
This Reba is a contrarious man.
He can't even bow properly.
Just a formality. We have to register you.
You can't imagine the guile
the king's enemies are capable of.
I'm responsible for his protection.
What's your name again?
- I'm sorry to bother you with such trifles.
- Your seal, please.
Now tell me, what do you want?
What brings you to Arkanar?
I heard that you are
holding someone captive.
He's called Mita. He's a merchant.
He is here, but not as a prisoner.
We are merely keeping him
in the castle for his own safety.
Can I see him?
How could I deny you this request?
Of course you can see him.
I'll have you taken to him right away,
but first, there's one more little thing.
According to our files,
Rumata of Estoria is dead.
He is supposed to have died of a fever
while on a hunt in the Swamps of Soan.
The fever died, not me.
I'm glad you're well.
Our records are inaccurate sometimes.
- You will be escorted to him.
- Thank you.
Greetings, honourable Mita.
The ropes I ordered from you
haven't arrived yet.
How am I supposed to hang the rabble
without any ropes?
Cyril, what's the matter?
Why did you let yourself get arrested?
Leave me alone. I am in no danger.
We couldn't contact you any more.
Why did you pull out your transmitter-cell?
I don't want to watch them any more
like rabbits or white rats.
They're like us, Anton,
don't you understand?
- We must help them.
- They are not like us, Cyril.
They're our brothers,
and they're suffering. They need us.
So what? They are dull,
superstitious, obsequious creatures.
You don't think you can change them,
do you?
Big events, big changes lie ahead.
Give me some more time.
Please, for the sake of our friendship.
I can't give up
shortly before I reach my goal.
I've been ordered
to find you and take you back.
If you're bent on taking me away from here,
you'll have to use force.
And you'll have to fight them.
Excuse me.
Reba is sending you
this sword for your safety.
You are free.
What's the deal with this Reba?
Can you trust him?
He is the only one who can break
the power of the corrupt council.
Anton, we must do something.
Budach has disappeared.
He could help this planet progress
by a thousand years.
Are these perhaps your "big events"?
There wasn't supposed to be
any bloodshed.
- Help!
- Reba isn't keeping to our arrangements.
Cyril, stop! That's an order!
Arrest this man. And that one. And him.
And these two.
Protect the king!
Out of the way! How dare you?
- Majesty!
- What's going on?
- Help me, Majesty.
- What's happening here?
Reba! Reba!
Where's Reba? Reba!
Your Majesty?
Why are you bothering me?
What's going on?
Don't worry, Majesty.
The conspiracy was discovered in time.
Who was conspiring against me?
The conspirators
are being arrested as we speak.
A conspiracy among my noblemen?
Is it true that you are conspiring against me?
But why?
Why are you conspiring against me?
I've been carrying
the burden of the crown for you.
I was wrong.
You are supposed to herald freedom.
Stop, you can't be serious.
I would have abdicated,
but you degenerate without me.
What does all this mean?
Who are those grey figures over there?
Volunteers who are dedicated
to the welfare of Arkanar.
- I myself selected them.
- I don't want to see them in my palace.
If anyone dares to touch me,
I'll slit her throat.
Please don't kill me!
Your Majesty, I am honoured
to point out to you that man is born free.
He should live in freedom.
Your security minister doesn't seem
to understand that one needn't kill for that.
This alleged merchant
was the head of the conspiracy.
- He was going to kill you.
- Cyril.
Hang his body from the Tower of Joy
for all to see.
His body is mine.
He owed me some money.
I shall
Трудно быть богом Трудно быть богом

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