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- Yes, thats fine.
Guards, take him to the stake.
What are you doing?
Youre supposed to take Rumata, not me.
Treachery! You have tricked me.
My grey soldiers will pay you back for this.
You wouldnt be deceived so easily,
would you?
Rumata of Estoria, from the family
of Estoria, grew up at his fathers castle.
Left Estoria at the age of 22.
Why did you leave your country?
- The circumstances forced me to leave.
- What circumstances?
- I killed a royal in a duel.
- Whom?
- Young Prince Ekin.
- What was the reason for the duel?
- A woman.
- And what was this womans name?
- Dorana.
- I hadnt expected you to answer.
- Thank you, Rumata of Estoria.
- Youre welcome. If it helps.
But perhaps youre not Rumata.
Perhaps youre not even from Estoria.
Do you know who this used to be?
lm sure youII tell me. You are not Rumata
of Estoria. My emissaries opened his coffin.
This is all thats left of his...
not exactly unstained life.
I would like to know who you are.
They call me Rumata of Estoria.
lm not used to anyone doubting this.
If you dont tell your monks
to disappear from behind the curtains,
something bad will happen to you.
You dont know who youre dealing with.
I can squash you like a leech. These
children of God punish every act of infidelity.
They are under my command. They have
recognised the signs that God has sent me.
- In the name of the Lord.
- In his name.
- I am pious Reba, Gods supreme minister.
- Youre a dirty swindler.
If anything happens to Budach,
lII strangle you with these hands.
Give me Budach,
or lII let you die like a dog.
How are you going to do that, dear Rumata?
Let me use this name for the time being.
You fought bravely in defence of the prince,
and yet you didnt kill any of my men.
And you werent even injured.
Curious. Extremely curious.
lm glad we have talked things out.
Everyone has a goal.
Why dont we just work together?
Side by side.
You want to frighten me.
All right, so lm afraid.
Maybe youre the son of Alzar the Sinister,
arisen from the depths of darkness.
Maybe you come from a distant,
all-powerful land.
People say that they exist.
My head is spinning,
and I can feel myself lapsing into heresy.
lm beginning to think forbidden thoughts.
What did I tell you? Nobody is invulnerable.
This poison kills everyone.
Guards, retrieve his body.
This way.
Lock all the exits of the palace.
Reach into my boot.
Theres a remedy inside.
Tear it open.
Hold still.
Look in all the rooms, warriors.
He cant be far.
When you find him,
take his body to the abbot.
Rumata. Rumata.
You mustnt fall asleep.
YouII never wake up again.
You told me about the light in the dark
that must never expire. Can you hear me?
Yes, I can hear you.
Help me.
This corridor takes you
straight to the tower.
Thank you.
Go back to your hiding place now.
- Am I king now?
- Yes, but you mustnt be seen yet.
First of all, lII chop off Rebas head.
No, no. Leave that to me.
My noble friend,
how wonderful that I have finally found you.
I was told that you had been arrested.
Now weII straighten out this place.
Cowardly toad.
Back me up. lII be right back.
Wheres Budach?
- Get us out of here.
- Budach, can you hear me?
Are you Budach?
At last I have found you.
I am Rumata of Estoria.
You have nothing to fear from me.
lII get you out of here.
Cowardly rabble. lII squash you like toads.
Watch out, Baron.
Swallow this. ItII make you feel better.
Dont worry.
No shilly-shallying.
Hurry up, weve got to get out of here.
Heres something to wear.
Youre right. It would be unseemly
to appear naked before the baroness.
That bastards got my sword.
Shouldnt I escort you further?
Just ride home
and give my kind regards to the baroness.
Come and visit me.
The Baroness will like you.
- I assume hes riding to the old temple.
- We must notify Alexander.
What do you as a

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