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know about your insufferable pain,
so I took the liberty of asking Dr Budach
to come here from Irukan.
Alas, Rebas grey soldiers
apprehended him.
I hope that your ministers
strange aversion to scholars
hasnt brought about Budachs death yet.
lII kill you one day, you rascal.
Where is this doctor?
I want to know where this doctor is.
I wanted to protect famous Dr Budach
from the dangers of his journey,
so I sent my grey soldiers out to meet him.
Whats he rambling on about?
I want to know where he is.
I wanted to make inquiries into him first,
for your safety.
I presume Rumata doesnt know
what malice towards Your Majesty
the rulers of Irukan are capable of.
We do, dont we, my king?
But if you, Majesty, and Rumata so wish,
I shall have him presented to you.
He can come in now.
Come, famous doctor.
What are you waiting for? Come here.
Open your mouth.
Remarkably good teeth.
If mine were that good, I could eat better.
- Cure me.
- If Your Majesty would show me the knee.
I understand.
I get the picture. I know what to do.
lII cure you, definitely.
You shall suffer no more.
- YouII massage me?
- No, its for internal...
- No, nothing internal. Massage me.
- But that would have absolutely no effect.
- Have a sip.
- Me?
Drink, I said!
I order you to do so.
So, whats it like?
- Bitter.
- Atrocious.
- But you can safely drink it.
- Then I shall. I shall drink it.
You bastard!
Why have you poisoned me?
- My knees still hurting.
- YouII have to drink this for at least a week.
Get out!
What have they done to me?
lve been maltreated.
Dont you have any respect for your king?
Get out! Get out, all of you!
I dont want to see you any more. Get out!
- He wasnt real. Real doctors arent afraid.
- Youre right. I believe that too.
No, let me live. Dont hit me.
I didnt know anything about this.
- I didnt know...
- I trust you, so lm going to ask you a favour.
- Would you stand guard over me tonight?
- You have my promise.
If my father gets very ill, he wont be able
to protect me from Reba any more.
The one on the horse is Zupik.
A whole army against a handful of peasants.
- Hes luring them into a trap.
- Follow them. Destroy them.
Look at that.
Theyre surrounding them from all sides.
- Hes learned fast.
- The peasants are fighting for a cause.
The peasants are winning. Yes!
Hey, look. Whats this?
These are martial monks
from the swamp areas of Soan.
Theyre advancing toward Arkanar.
I dont think they would be going there,
unless someone has called them.
Reba probably wants
to get rid of the Greys with their help.
God, look at your people.
Open your second eye over Arkanar again.
We will wipe out the sinners who insult you,
so you will look at us again.
Punished are the dastardly
who deny your glory.
Lord, preserve us.
Theyre waiting for God
to open his second eye.
- He hasnt opened it yet.
- No, he hasnt.
Do you think he ever will?
Yes, one day.
When that day comes, lII have to leave.
Where will you go?
Do you see that star up there?
The little one there,
over the Three Siblings?
The Earth, where I was born,
is very close to that star.
Do you believe me?
I always believe you.
Uno, why are you so afraid?
I dont know, lve prayed three times tonight.
What more can I do?
Go to sleep. Nothing will happen to you.
Please dont go tonight.
ld like to stay,
but I must return to the castle. I promised.
Dont worry about me.
Does this happen on your star too?
Do people kill each other?
No, they havent done so for a long time.
And no one suffers deprivation?
- And no one cries any more?
- No one cries.
Anka is crying.
Shes crying.
- Anka, would you like to rest?
- No, lm all right.
- I have a feeling that were not alone.
- Thats possible.
Whatever happens, I will never leave you.
lII close my eyes now,
so no one can see us any more.
Hes trying to trick us. Give me
an exterior

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