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hope right to the end
that you would stand by her.
I understand.
- I was powerless.
- lve been ordered to show her to you.
Come and sit with me, brother.
Let us eat and drink. Forget your worries.
Drink with me.
You clearly have some enemies.
People you hate so much
that you would like to kill them.
I can see it in your eyes.
Youre a friend.
My sword is always at your disposal.
lII cut this pack to pieces.
Baron, youre a guinea pig!
- What? lm a pig?
- I have to constantly observe you.
They sit up there and instruct me
to observe you.
One night I saw a dragon.
It flew over me with a great roar.
But the baroness didnt think
it was a dragon.
She said I shouldnt drink so much.
The next time you see a dragon
in the sky, ride after it.
YouII have quite a surprise.
All right! lm on my way!
We could drink all night long
but we should sleep before the battle.
- Not a drop of wine before the fight.
- Bruno!
- Make up a bed for the baron.
- A bed! Why do I need a bed?
A brave warriors bed
is on the battlefield.
The warhorse is ready for action!
Where is Kyra?
Now I have eaten and drunk like you.
Now lm one of you.
Where are the bloody tablets?
Anton, calm down.
Why should I calm down? I am calm,
but everyone I get in touch with gets killed.
Even when someone is tortured, lm calm.
When someone is quartered, I even clap.
Youre letting yourself go.
Yes, lm drunk and lm angry.
You can talk, up there.
Youre watching me all the time, secretly.
Secretly? Were doing our job, just like you.
lII remain the way I am.
If you dont like the state lm in, switch off.
- Anton.
- Shit.
We are worried about the developments
in Arkanar as well. Its not easy for you.
Lets talk about it. Anton.
Come back, Anton.
You are jeopardising your mission.
Gosh, look at these masses.
Its nearly the entire grey army.
Isnt it dangerous for Reba
to send away all his soldiers?
- Hed been waiting for this.
- He needed the Greys to come to power.
- Now they bother him.
- His own militia?
I think he wants to get rid of Zupik. Hes bad.
If you rule a country,
you dont allow it to be destroyed, do you?
The external enemy serves
to strengthen internal power.
- We learned that once.
- Thats right.
Oh, its you.
- What was that light you came from?
- Oh, my head.
That woman you spoke to...
- Is she still here?
- No, it was radio contact.
She is somewhere up there.
You need a good sleep.
But they might have already killed Budach.
Its possible
that Reba was faster than me once again.
Where is Okana? Where is she? Okana.
Okana. My little Okana, where is she?
- Have you seen my little Okana?
- lm afraid I havent.
Rumata, youre alive. I thought
hed killed you. Hes killing everyone.
Reba is a dreadful minister.
He promised to bring the conspiracies
to an end, but they are on the rise.
And he posts these grey monsters here.
lve had enough of assassination attempts.
Even in bed, there are conspiracies.
I am the king. I have a right to sleep at night.
Why cant they attack me during the day?
One more night like that,
and lII have this Reba executed.
Whats the matter? Eat.
Thats what youre here for,
to eat, to drink and to jest.
Youre waiting for me.
Youre waiting for your king.
lm eating. Look, lm eating.
Stuff yourselves, while youre healthy. Eat.
Your king is sick.
His knee aches. Eat while lm suffering.
My ailment is getting worse.
Where are the doctors, the quacks?
Where is Tata?
Even his voice made me feel better.
And you hanged him, you fool.
Silence! I know he was a poisoner,
but I dont care.
He did something to ease my pain,
do you understand, murderers?
He poisoned one and cured the other,
but Reba just wants to kill everyone
who falls into his hands.
Why dont you hang yourself?
My king, order Reba to present
the famous Dr Budach to you.
Very well, I order it. Where is this doctor?


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