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He forced me to.
Then have a good look round.
Perhaps youII find the scholar.
Go on, take a look around.
You havent seen the best part yet.
In there! Enjoy yourself.
No! Please, no. lm afraid.
Theres only one thing
you need fear - me.
That one. That one.
And that one.
Ones risen from the dead!
- Who are you?
- lm the worker, Bagir.
- What are you doing up there?
- lm building a tower.
And you, what are you doing
down there?
I was just resting.
What do you want to do with this tower
when its finished?
A tube will be fixed to this arm.
It will strengthen mans vision.
You can see the stars close up
through this tube.
If God had wanted us to see the stars
close up, hed have given us better eyes.
Why are you wearing those robes?
If God hadnt wanted you to be naked
hed have given you fur.
He wants to look into Gods face.
The wrath of God will destroy you
if you dont stop him.
Misery will blight this land.
God cast his second eye upon Arkanar,
and then averted his gaze
because he saw sinners like you.
God doesnt have eyes,
not one or two.
- He doesnt need any.
- What youre saying is sacrilege!
- God doesnt want you looking at him.
- What you believe is wrong.
God doesnt have a mouth
or a nose or eyes.
Hes not a miserable-Iooking
figure like you.
- Where is this tube that you spoke of?
- The inventor wanted to bring it here.
- Where is he?
- He should be here by now.
Maybe hes still looking
for transparent stones.
Will you stop, you devils?
Cant you see lm talking?
Good luck, Bagir. Take care.
It is said this is where the gods came down
and caused the hills to move.
- How do you know that?
- The shepherds saw it.
It was night.
God had opened his second eye.
There was a shining light
brighter than daylight.
Everyone who saw the light
fainted and fell to the ground.
Were there.
The earth was churned up like
a battlefield where the gods descended.
Thats why its known as
the Square of Heavy Swords.
Arent you at all afraid?
lm going to take a look.
Theres a hostel down there.
Perhaps Budach stopped there.
There are houses on fire!
I think I know this hostel.
I can see smoke everywhere.
Kyra, ride as fast as you can
back to Arkanar.
- Shouldnt I come with you?
- No, go back.
lII look round on my own.
Surprised, arent you?
Youre looking at Budachs work.
The lenses are from us.
When our craft landed, vitrification occurred.
- Hes just about to discover you.
- What should we do?
Do you want to prevent this invention
and become a complete anathema?
Is Budach here?
lve got him! lve got him!
Stab him!
You filthy swine.
It wont last more than couple of minutes,
then heII be free.
Let him be.
Give him back his things.
I know how much
you appreciate a scrap
but they havent learnt to fight - not yet.
lm looking for the doctor
who passed this way.
Do you know where he is?
He was here. He treated our sick.
until the Greys came.
A strange man. He didnt resist
when they took him away.
Go home.
If Budach is still alive, lII find him.
WeII destroy these grey vermin.
We will stand shoulder to shoulder
and avenge our dead.
The Greys are stronger than you.
YouII achieve nothing
but spill the blood of these people.
Theres only one way you can win.
The Greys only learnt
one way of fighting.
You have to divide your people
into two groups.
Each group should hide behind a hill.
Let the Greys advance
then attack from both sides.
- WeII weaken our position by dividing.
- No. You must take them by surprise.
Why wont you lead us?
- I cant.
- I saw how well you fight.
Why wont you help us?
You wouldnt understand.
Perhaps he should help them.
- Hes tampered with history.
- He just gave the farmers a chance.
Theyve set fire to Bagirs tower.
Kyra! Whats wrong?
Why are you still awake?
I havent been able to get to sleep
for hours.
I saw how

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