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put up with here.
YouII have to stick with your story,
no matter how much you complain about it.
These are the facts about him.
You should remember them.
Even in his early youth, frequent
drinking bouts and brawls about women.
At the age of 21 , Rumata rapes Dorana,
daughter of the Duke of Ekin,
kills her brother in a duel,
has to leave his hometown
and leads an unsettled life at various courts.
Whatever happens,
you mustnt kill under any circumstances.
Not even in the greatest danger.
In Arkanar, people kill even when
someone says something wrong.
Thats the normal level of medieval cruelty.
Even on Earth, it took several millennia
before the last war had been fought,
the last prison closed.
lII do my best.
Take care of yourself, Anton.
What a moonlit night, my friend.
I hope that the sky will be
just as clear when we arrive.
This wonderful star has borne a child.
This event has scared people.
They escape into all sorts of superstition.
But our instrument
will enable them to see the truth.
Do you know what this strange smell is?
There must be glomphilias here, a rare
plant that only grows in barren wastes.
Why dont you have a look? They grow
in bunches of small, grey blossoms.
There are things all over the world
to ease mans fate.
Because life is full of suffering.
These are indeed glomphilias.
A brew of these works wonders.
An excellent remedy for aching joints.
If we didnt have this ability to suffer,
we would be long gone.
But God has given us
a big supply of patience.
There isnt a horse, a dog,
or a mouse which possesses this ability.
With great perseverance,
weII survive the very worst of torment.
- Whats that?
- Fish blood.
No, no. Definitely not.
We drink fish blood every morning.
Its good for you.
If you care about whats good for your
master, you should give me a fresh towel.
- For washing.
- Washing, nothing but washing.
Were the only ones who do that.
Not even the king washes.
The king is sick. You should have
the occasional bath yourself.
Master Mita used to say that to me as well.
Your maids waiting outside.
She wants to speak to you.
- Tell her to come upstairs.
- You should chase her off.
- She has a mind of her own.
- lII chase you off in a minute.
What do you want? Whats the master
supposed to do with these ropes?
The weapons dealer Hauk
is giving them back. Let me past.
The master will get angry.
The weapons dealer Hauk
has just returned the ropes
which Mita had borrowed for his machine.
lII take a look at that machine.
Put the ropes over there.
Where can I find Hauk?
His armoury is in the Street of Royal Mercy.
..my chest
Silence everywhere, but still no peace
Where are you, unknown delight?
A great nation is on its knees,
stiff as a corpse in its coffin
This singer has stepped over many a body,
never has he seen such pain
lm singing for you with an empty stomach,
the wind is whistling through my cloak
Tell me, how much longer can you bear
the fact that children have no hope?
The word sounds hollow,
the vultures are plunging down
Farewell. Remember Surens songs.
- Stop him.
- Catch him, he is up there.
Block his way.
Its you, noble lord. It was a close shave
this time. Nice to see you again.
I only ever see you running away.
Why didnt you fight?
Theyre a cowardly bunch, this grey rabble.
Its becoming more and more difficult here
for people like me.
Where are you going?
Your singing is wonderful.
TheyII sing your songs even in 100 years,
after the royal familys died out.
Were looking for the agitator Suren.
I hope youII be successful.
He climbed up this wall. I saw it.
We must search your house.
He is no more in this house
than there are gold coins in this pouch.
The agitator Suren dared to sing derisive
songs in the Street of Immense Gratitude
- which insult Arkanar and you.
- Why wasnt he arrested?
He fled into Mitas house,
which Rumata has bought.
He gave the

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