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sword for your safety.
You are free.
Whats the deal with this Reba?
Can you trust him?
He is the only one who can break
the power of the corrupt council.
Anton, we must do something.
Budach has disappeared.
He could help this planet progress
by a thousand years.
Are these perhaps your big events?
There wasnt supposed to be
any bloodshed.
- Help!
- Reba isnt keeping to our arrangements.
Cyril, stop! Thats an order!
Arrest this man. And that one. And him.
And these two.
Protect the king!
Out of the way! How dare you?
- Majesty!
- Whats going on?
- Help me, Majesty.
- Whats happening here?
Reba! Reba!
Wheres Reba? Reba!
Your Majesty?
Why are you bothering me?
Whats going on?
Dont worry, Majesty.
The conspiracy was discovered in time.
Who was conspiring against me?
The conspirators
are being arrested as we speak.
A conspiracy among my noblemen?
Is it true that you are conspiring against me?
But why?
Why are you conspiring against me?
lve been carrying
the burden of the crown for you.
I was wrong.
You are supposed to herald freedom.
Stop, you cant be serious.
I would have abdicated,
but you degenerate without me.
What does all this mean?
Who are those grey figures over there?
Volunteers who are dedicated
to the welfare of Arkanar.
- I myself selected them.
- I dont want to see them in my palace.
If anyone dares to touch me,
lII slit her throat.
Please dont kill me!
Your Majesty, I am honoured
to point out to you that man is born free.
He should live in freedom.
Your security minister doesnt seem
to understand that one neednt kill for that.
This alleged merchant
was the head of the conspiracy.
- He was going to kill you.
- Cyril.
Hang his body from the Tower of Joy
for all to see.
His body is mine.
He owed me some money.
I shall make a bowl from his skull,
so I can drink to Your Majestys health.
Terrific. You can have him.
Take him away from here.
You will take him with you, wont you?
Take him away immediately.
The sight of him gives me...
gives me a headache.
I have a headache.
Greetings, highest judge and keeper
of the seal of the merchant republic of Soan.
- May the sun of mercy always...
- Its all right. Were alone.
- Depressed?
- Yes.
I had to take the helicopter.
One more legend about the flying dragon.
It really must be overhauled.
I know, Anton.
The feeling of powerlessness is awful.
I have gone through all of that myself,
but we are historians. We mustnt interfere.
How old were you
when this planet was discovered?
I was 36. It was the most important event
in the history of mankind.
I couldnt sleep for three weeks.
We had found our sister planet,
the mirror of ourselves in a distant past.
We must never dim this mirror.
I could have thwarted Cyrils death,
but I was poorly informed.
No one had told me about Reba.
And you gave me the identity of a dead man,
Rumata of Estoria.
We had to hurry.
Cyril had broken contact with us.
He wasnt undergoing
the protective treatment any more, either.
He wasnt prepared
for the intrigues of a medieval potentate.
- When are you taking me back up?
- Not for now.
You are to replace Cyril,
until theyve found someone else.
- Why?
- We must see how Arkanar develops.
Whats my task?
First of all, you will buy Mitas house,
in order to secure our installations.
For that, you will need money
and clothes for various occasions.
- Who is Budach, by the way?
- What do you know about Budach?
Little. Cyril mentioned
that he had disappeared.
A scholar from Irukan. One of the most
extraordinary people on this planet.
Cyril got in touch with him
shortly before breaking contact with us.
- This is gold in the Arkanarian currency.
- Thank you.
Those bags contain
everything you need at court.
You will also get some biographical data
about Rumata of Estoria.
Whats wrong now?
This equipment is rubbish.
Thats what we have to

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