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- Rumata of Estoria.
The king will be pleased to see you.
We dont have many guests.
May I ask, noble lord,
what brings you to our once-splendid town?
I like spending money.
I see that there is a lot of fun to be had here.
lm happy to be of service any time.
Reba, captain of the palace guard.
..of Estoria has come to pay his respects
and offer his services to the king.
I think I knew your father. Sit down.
We bow to the kings robe.
Do you like stuffed dog ears?
Theyve been pickled in kapuki juice.
- Deliciously seasoned.
- Indeed.
Your robe isnt buttoned right.
The ladies must lower their gaze.
Whats wrong with you?
Let your breasts bulge out some.
The king would like to share your charms.
To the health of my followers.
- Would you like some fish blood?
- ld love some.
- It refreshes the senses.
- It refreshes my senses to behold you.
To your beauty.
I dont like fish blood either.
We bow to the kings cloak.
Last night,
some spies from Irukan were arrested.
They have made a confession
in the Tower of Joy
and are now humbly awaiting
their just punishment.
A flying dragon was...
I think your father had the privilege
of putting on my grandfathers right shoe.
- Or was it the left shoe?
- The right one, Your Majesty.
So it was the right one.
A portion of the Soanish merchant fleet
was shipwrecked in the Large Swamp.
- May I look at your sword?
- Shipwrecked! Excellent.
- Wonderful news.
- Can you behead people with this?
- Rejoice with me.
- We bow to the kings shoes.
My right shoe.
Rumata, I grant you the same privilege.
I am delighted that you are at my service,
but be gentle. My knee aches.
To work, come on. Rumata of Estoria.
There must be a file on him.
Hurry up, children. Get a move on.
The minister wants to know
everything about him.
Rumata of Estoria. I have found it.
- You need a residence permit here.
- A residence permit?
The security minister made this rule.
This Reba is a contrarious man.
He cant even bow properly.
Just a formality. We have to register you.
You cant imagine the guile
the kings enemies are capable of.
lm responsible for his protection.
Whats your name again?
- Rumata of Estoria.
- From a very old family.
- lm sorry to bother you with such trifles.
- Your seal, please.
Now tell me, what do you want?
What brings you to Arkanar?
I heard that you are
holding someone captive.
Hes called Mita. Hes a merchant.
He is here, but not as a prisoner.
We are merely keeping him
in the castle for his own safety.
Can I see him?
How could I deny you this request?
Of course you can see him.
lII have you taken to him right away,
but first, theres one more little thing.
According to our files,
Rumata of Estoria is dead.
He is supposed to have died of a fever
while on a hunt in the Swamps of Soan.
The fever died, not me.
lm glad youre well.
Our records are inaccurate sometimes.
- You will be escorted to him.
- Thank you.
Greetings, honourable Mita.
The ropes I ordered from you
havent arrived yet.
How am I supposed to hang the rabble
without any ropes?
Cyril, whats the matter?
Why did you let yourself get arrested?
Leave me alone. I am in no danger.
We couldnt contact you any more.
Why did you pull out your transmitter-cell?
I dont want to watch them any more
like rabbits or white rats.
Theyre like us, Anton,
dont you understand?
- We must help them.
- They are not like us, Cyril.
Theyre our brothers,
and theyre suffering. They need us.
So what? They are dull,
superstitious, obsequious creatures.
You dont think you can change them,
do you?
Big events, big changes lie ahead.
Give me some more time.
Please, for the sake of our friendship.
I cant give up
shortly before I reach my goal.
lve been ordered
to find you and take you back.
If youre bent on taking me away from here,
youII have to use force.
And youII have to fight them.
Excuse me.
Reba is sending you

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