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Трудно быть богом

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brought me new chairs.
How about that? Have a seat.
I won't give up my work here.
I can't just abandon my friends.
Anton, we are here as scouts.
Also, we swore an oath.
Anything that is dear to us must either be
back on Earth or locked up in ourselves.
You don't understand what this is all about.
Take the peasants' revolt.
If Suren succeeds, a new era begins.
The revolt is over,
the peasant army is beaten.
- Suren is being hanged as we speak.
- You can't be serious.
It seems I have to prove it to you.
It's not working again.
The working conditions
one has to put up with here.
We can't simply watch them slaughter him.
Alexander. We must get him out of there.
The gods who want to help people
always come to a bad end. This is a fact.
I'm sorry, Alexander.
Control to MC 5, come in.
MC 5, report in. It's urgent.
A 43, establish contact with us immediately.
A 43, reply.
MC 5, return immediately. Reply.
A 43, can you hear me?
- You must establish contact with us.
- Anton, at least reply.
We're very worried about...
Anton, I beg you. They'll force you to land.
- I'm switching to self-destruct.
- No, you won't.
I'll give him three minutes,
so he has time to land.
He mustn't reach Arkanar.
Leave the helicopter immediately.
The self-destruct mechanism is activated.
Detonation will occur
in two minutes, 50 seconds.
Attention, the self-destruct mechanism
has been activated.
Detonation will occur
in two minutes, 40 seconds.
Attention, the self-destruct mechanism
has been activated.
Detonation will occur in two...
We are using the alternative channel.
The self-destruct mechanism
has been activated. Detonation...
- Today I'm not drunk. Follow me.
- Follow him!
Attention, the self-destruct mechanism
has been activated.
Detonation will occur
in one minute, 50 seconds. Attention...
Attention, the self-destruct mechanism
has been activated.
Detonation will occur in 25 seconds.
Then it's true.
You exist after all up in the sky.
I'm not a god, Suren.
You rule over the lightning.
Why have you waited so long to help us?
Nearly all my people have been wiped out.
What have they done wrong?
And you can burn the lot of them like bugs.
You can destroy all of them,
down to the very last man.
I can, but I don't want to kill.
What are you going to do now?
I must return to Arkanar.
Someone is in great danger there.
I'll accompany you.
I hope you won't refuse my help.
To Arkanar!
...the foreign spy, murderer of the king,
and enemy of Arkanar, Rumata of Estoria,
is losing his honour.
His body shall henceforth be unprotected,
his soul condemned for all eternity.
His possessions go
to the servants of divine justice.
- In the name of the Lord.
- In his name.
- In the name of the Lord.
- In his name.
Get them out alive.
I have to interrogate them.
Rumata! No!
What is your master doing here in Arkanar?
Who is he working for?
You will tell me.
Where is he hiding?
You have sinned in the flesh.
You will atone for it with your body,
if you don't speak.
Take her to God's machine.
Don't. These are the fingers of God.
Watch out!
Follow me.
To the castle.
You're supposed to pray, not to fight.
Women are to be respected.
Now I'll impale you, ugly toad.
- God's second eye is opening.
- What are you rambling on about?
I asked the Lord for a sign. There it is.
He has furnished it. There.
He has answered his servant's prayers.
Pray to God to give thanks.
He has answered my prayers.
Thank God for his mercy.
Thank you, Lord,
for your immeasurable kindness.
You have saved me from certain death.
We should reveal ourselves.
Perhaps we can ease their future.
- We must step before them.
- We know we can't help them, Alexander.
More than a thousand years separate us.
We can't suppress all human feelings.
We aren't gods.
Admittedly, we helped some inhabitants
of the planet and made mistakes.
It's not about the inhabitants of the planet
Трудно быть богом Трудно быть богом

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