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Трудно быть богом

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- Do you take Segatron every morning?
- Pumping myself full of it.
Now the urine test.
Still I wouldn't say
"See Arkanar and die. "
We have to bring back
some of our scouts again.
- They're cracking up.
- I can understand why.
Up here they're talking
about a virus of barbarianism.
As if the past
was catching up with us again.
It's all right for you.
Are you getting clear pictures?
Your transmitter is working fine.
The noblewomen think Rumata
has beautiful eyes.
- What do you think, Anka?
- Your eye is fine.
Are you sleeping OK? No nightmares?
I only have those when I'm awake.
I found Cyril's papers.
He invited Budach to Arkanar.
The doctor from Irukan?
He's been trying to get us to renew contact
with him recently.
But now we're responsible for Budach.
They arrest everyone here
who is halfway literate.
Gregor is dead. He tried to start
a revolt among the Moorish slaves.
How did he die?
He was buried alive.
Your protective treatment.
So, do you find it exciting
watching me all the time?
It's my job.
And when I'm lying in the arms
of a beautiful woman?
I think the beautiful Okana
has her eye on me.
The king's mistress is of course
under observation. Be careful.
Examination concluded.
Take care.
Kyra... Kyra!
There's a letter from a noble lady.
She is waiting for you
at court as soon as possible.
- And who is this lady?
- Okana.
- How do you know what she wrote?
- Mita taught me to read and write.
Don't tell anyone. It would be dangerous.
Mita says it's important
to be able to read and write.
Don't you know what happens to people
who can read?
They are seized and taken
to the Tower of Joy.
I'm just a simple maidservant.
Okana is better informed.
People say that Reba often takes her
with him to the interrogations.
That's made me think.
I'll accept her invitation.
My noble Rumata of Estoria.
- How are your book burnings going?
- A colossal task.
Not all literate people
are enemies of the Crown.
Why get rid of them all?
I'm a soldier but I know ideas
are more dangerous than weapons.
We want loyalty not intelligence.
There's a doctor from Irukan
who is seriously bandying the idea
that diseases come from tiny invisible
animals living in us.
From tiny invisible creatures!
- That's an ingenious idea!
- Do you realise what it means?
Tiny invisible animals
living inside us would rule the world.
An insult to the divine order...
Forgive me. I'm sure
the noble Rumata will understand.
- Understand?
- They're about to leave.
- Of course.
- I'm ready.
In his unstinting goodness,
Reba is dispatching the grey soldiers
so that they can steer the wayward farmers
back on track.
I'll sort out these good-for-nothings.
They'll all be watching the soldiers.
Coming to the pleasure garden?
I'll wait for you there.
How could a poor girl like me
resist your attack?
No one can command his heart.
Mine beats violently in the company of
the most beautiful woman in Arkanar.
Come closer so I may enjoy
the beating of your heart.
The First Minister
enjoys your favour too,
- so please understand my hesitation.
- Don't be concerned,
he only gets aroused when he hears
the screams of the tortured.
So he greatly appreciates it,
if I accompany him.
Be on your guard against him.
You have access to the Tower of Joy...
a renowned scholar has disappeared
on the way to Arkanar.
- Why are you telling me this?
- I want to find him
but the grey soldiers
may have already seized him.
Oh, so you're here
because you need my help.
Yes. I'm very worried about this scholar.
His name is Budach.
I thought you desired me.
Any other man would kiss my feet
for a look from me.
Men have forfeited their lives,
losing their minds for a look from me.
And you just want me
to find this old scholar.
You... you promised me things
and then broke your promise.
You're making fun of me.
You misunderstand. Forgive me.
I do desire you.
Show me
Трудно быть богом Трудно быть богом

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